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  1. if your going for the armani symbol, just write armani under it lol its all about you personally, the natzi symbol was stolen the natzi regime for use but here in bali, its inverted and it actually means peace. its always a personal opinion when it comes to ink.
  2. its all a personal thing in the end, the face and helmet could've had a bit more attention to detail imo from the angle we can see. the eagle is nice though 👌 sometimes you dont get what you wanted but then again thats why touch ups are touch ups. placement is super important, the staff in the studio shouldve consulted you about this prior to inking.
  3. have you been rubbing or picking at it? that to me looks like they used a single needle, the problem with this is that sometimes it can actually warp. it does look like youve actually lost some ink in the A at the end, this could be from clothing your wearing. a lot of us will suggest a higher gauge of needle or some shading to go with it as this can sometimes happen. the good thing is, this is fixable.
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