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  1. Nice, yes something in that realm but cleaner lines. I am in Boulder, CO
  2. Thank you Dan!! Probably would’ve been out there forever
  3. I am looking to get my first tattoo. A big colorful chrysanthemum on my shoulder. Looking through tons of tattoos I don't feel really drawn to almost any of them except a handful. Here are two of the ones I like and I'm trying to understand what kind of style they are so I can find an artist who can do what I'm wanting. I know that traditional style is too vivid for me and contrasts too starkly with the skin for my tastes. I'd appreciate any of your help!
  4. I’m in Boulder but totally down to travel a few hours
  5. I am wanting a colorful big lotus on my shoulder (will be my first tattoo), and am finding artists that I like although their work is almost all in black. Is an artist who is talented in black not necessarily skilled with color? Also, I am in Colorado and would definitely appreciate artist recommendations