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    I am a licensed, professional tattooer and it's my life.
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    Chattanooga, Tn.
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    When I'm not working, I like to paint and read.
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  1. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

    thanks man. i made the the springs and assembled and wound the coils...did the funky paint...assembled it and tuned it up. in the future i'll make frames and binders, but for now i just have a blast putting em together. cheers!
  2. NathanHarden

    Machine Build

    I really enjoyed the interview with Mr. Dringenberg in the new TAM. Seems like I love em all, haha. there's always something important I get from all of them. Lately, the things that have been standing out the most, maybe even sometimes more than the beautiful tattoos, is the sense of honoring the craft of tattooing and conducting yourself in a manner that upholds and advances the best aspects of it while making a living doing something we love and are captivated by. And with this ethos firmly in my mind, I feel regretful that I started this thread in the way that I did, instead of just trying to make an individual connection in the form of a private message, as would have been more correct. I have never in my life been immune to brain farts, however much i ever wished otherwise, hahaha. But, some good came of it, I guess: the link to the blog on Pike machines and the mention of the Dan Dringenberg interview. Thanks to Dean and Lochlan for your positivity.
  3. NathanHarden

    Machine Build

    Thank you, man. I definately want to learn more history of machines and continue to learn and grow as a machine maker. i've really enjoyed what little i've done so far and some machines are just so cool looking that i know i gotta have one. i agree with you that one way to improve my machine vocabulary is to seek out machines by others and i intend to do much more of that in the future than i have already. i do not have aspirations of making alot of machines and trying to push my way into an already saturated market...i just love the process and the knowledge. Thank you again, Dean.
  4. NathanHarden


    Got this frame from a local guy and sent it to Jimmy Whitlock. He milled it straight and made the coils and the rad yoke/vice. His machines are just amazing.
  5. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

  6. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

  7. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

  8. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

  9. NathanHarden

    lucky 2

    Got this frame from a local guy and sent it to Jimmy Whitlock. He milled it straight and made the coils and the rad yoke/vice. His machines are just amazing.
  10. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

  11. NathanHarden

    tattoo machine

    Eikon brass frame blank.
  12. NathanHarden

    Machine Build

    okay, so, first off...i'm not sure if this is the place to ask this on here or not, so somebody let me know, haha. I'm considering getting a Northeast shader frame to do a build on...does anybody have an opinion on these frames? Good? Bad? I'm assuming the brass ones are pretty hefty... And what happened to Paulo Fernando frames? I built on a few and really liked poof! I cannot yet make frames...and really enjoy doing builds. Cheers!
  13. NathanHarden

    Frustrations of a youngin'.

    This reply is awesome. This sounds like my shop-owner on one of his good days hahaha. for real, though....this reply is the shit.
  14. NathanHarden

    bearded man