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  1. Hi who's your brother and where did I tattoo him(city not body)



  2. Hi Aaron

    Thanks for saying hi on Facebook

  3. Hi

    Of course any one with one eye looking at that tattoo , knows that it is shit

    Obviously, this guy likes his tattoo. I have found after 3 0 years of tattooing that when people like their horrible tattoos---- which he obviously got AFTER looking at someone's photo album. That it is better to just tell him not to add to it for whatever reason. hopefully he won't go back.


  4. Thanks!

    Small world!


  5. Hi Shawn

    I saw that you have gotten tattooed by Jon Himmelstein. I went to DBCC at the same time as John-- He was a class ahead or behind me in the graphic arts program. ( I remember him just knowing me as the tattoo lady. Which seemed like i was so old--but only like 24 or 25 at the time) I didnt know that he started tattooing until Mike mentioned it like only a year or so ago.

    Where does he work now?

    Im curious if you knew a guy name Brian Byrd from Daytona. He was a customer and friend of mine-- from back then?

    Well thanks Shawn.


  6. Thanks Jennifer!

    Hope you and Richard are well.

    Hope to hear about the new shop


  7. Thanks for inquiring and the offer of help.

    I have to figure out where my pictures are on my Mac

    And I usually access this site with my iPhone

    and iPad

    I've uploaded a few pics to my profile


  8. Hey brynne

    Yes we both got tattooed

    I from Trevor

    don from Henning

    How are you and Blake doing?


  9. Hey Miss married lady-

    missed you in October.


  10. Thank you for the nice comment.


  11. No apology necessary.

    It's a compliment , she's a strong tattooist and an old friend.

  12. Hi ---That tiger was done by Ms Deborah /Debbie Inksmith now Sofia Estrella.



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