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  1. Graveyard is fucking awesome. Supposed to play with Motorhead in SF this month. My buddy put me on to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats last year, that was my 2013 soundtrack. I hope they come to America.
  2. I've been holding off on my elbow because its going to be the last substantial tattoo I can get on my arms. I would love for Thomas Hooper to do one of his beautiful designs over my elbow when I visit New York. Gotta make that call and find out if he has availability now.
  3. If you are a solid person and you are doing well, hopefully your parents won't mind when you start getting tattooed. I got a lot of inspiration to start getting tattooed by seeing older skaters getting them, I love Brian Andersons tattoos hes got a lot of cool stuff. Who are some of your favorite tattooed skateboarders if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Birthday gift to myself. Tattoo by Matt Howse at Seventh Son SF CA. Photo pulled from his instagram. Stoked.
  5. i love getting impulsive tattoos. Going into cool shops that have a ton of cool shit on the wall and just picking stuff out. Looking at designs thinking, i want to look at this forever.
  6. Me and my lady just got our tickets to NYC for June 3rd thru 11th. I want to spend a day checking out some shops and get tattooed. I've never been out there before, I'd be stoked on some suggestions for shops to check out. My only plan is to get tattooed at Smith St. and skate around.
  7. I broke my foot recently and my buddy brought me the thrasher video collection while i can't work or skate. Wade Speyer has been keeping me pretty stoked. - - - Updated - - - I broke my foot recently and my buddy brought me the thrasher video collection while i can't work or skate. Wade Speyer has been keeping me pretty stoked.
  8. yea lets go with skin portals, knife pockets sounds dangerous.
  9. dane

    Eyed Dagger

    Jeff Rassier tattoo Blackheart SF
  10. Scott Sylvia Cover Up Blackheart Tattoo
  11. Walk in day at blackheart. Get tattooed by Jeff Rassier within an hour. no big deal.
  12. dane

    the doomsday bonnet

    Dan Higgs flash by katie sellergren
  13. dane

    Ancient psycho

    Lehi flash done by Juan Puente at Blackheart tattoos 1st walk in day
  14. dane

    The black lodge

    Twin peaks inspired owl by RH Wells while guest spotting at Tattoo City, San Francisco
  15. dane

    Dope smoker

    Done by Trevor Taylor at Liberty Tattoo, Seattle Washington
  16. Lehi flash by Cody Miller Blackheart Tattoo SF
  17. i didn't even think of that thank you.
  18. spider murphys is not too far from sf but you need a car and i dont have one. id love to check it out if im in san rafael ive heard good things and i really like paul anthony doblemans woman tattoos. a few years ago when i started looking up tattoo stuff i saw one of his flashes of a woman holding a mirror with a skull reflection and i thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  19. thanks for the heads up. i know its close but i never really make it down to san jose. if im ever down that way ill check it out. - - - Updated - - - id like to go to all these cool shops. jason phillips is rad! im still trying to find out good local shops and artists so keep throwing them out there so i can check them out. thanks.
  20. i know im lucky to be in san francisco so close to a lot of great artists. i feel the same way they are all great at that shop. thanks for the welcome. by the way, whats up with selling plasma? were you joking or is that a real option for extra cash? i'll have to look into that. thanks @Scott R
  21. ian oliver, stash at tattoo 13, deanna wardin, chris henry...a few others from shops around the bay area. I live close to blackheart tattoo now and im eager to get my next one there. @hogg
  22. Hello everyone. My name is Dane I live in San Francisco CA. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and then several more up until this point. Over the last few years I have been obsessing about tattoos more and more and have been doing research. I always watch the interviews off of this site and check the gallery so I decided to join to discuss tattoos with other enthusiasts. This site is great and I'm excited to be a part of it.