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  1. Very true, after giving it some more thought I think I might decide to er on the side of caution. I love the style, and so as long as it doesn't become the equivalent of a Taz or barbed wire arm band in the next couple of decades, I'll be fine. The design is actually inspired by a Bukowski poem, I'm willing to bet a whole bunch of people would consider getting such a tattoo in anything other than a Traditional Americana style as blasphemy haha. Still a hooded falcon, but I've made some slight ammendments to the overall approach (considering adding some more traditional imagery etc). Almost every tattoo I've loved has had the same underlying aspects; A simple, strong image with a slight twist done boldly and cleanly, this is what I'm aiming for! Any suggestions with regard to possible placement would be really appreciated. How in the world did you manage to get tattooed by Hooper? One of the lucky few I guess haha!
  2. Hey Swan, I've decided on a design based on a hooded Falcon (blackwork, obvious when you consider the artist's style), with a subtle red geometric design overlay, similar to what one might see from Maxime Buchi. I'm determined to avoid the possibility of it looking dated in a decade or so though, I'm going to see how Liam feels about it, he's the artist after all!
  3. It's works like the Gypsy Gentleman and Tattoo Age that go a hell of a ways to prove the "tattoo reality" boom wasn't/isn't entirely detrimental. I hope more artists who are entirely aware and passionate about the topic on which they speak follow in Kuhn's footsteps and retake the whole reality aspect, I'm sure it could be a fantastic tool for education (it definitely has been for me). Can't wait for Paris!
  4. Tattoo age has been amazingly enriching, and the DeVita episodes were undoubtedly the culmination of the series thus far. Real good stuff. Does anyone know who's going to be featured in upcoming episodes/when they're due to be posted?
  5. Still in the final planning stages, I'm still a bit nervous about going to the artist with primarily a set of elements and concepts rather than a concrete idea, I don't want to appear to be half hearted or a poseur of some kind. I get the impression that though that method might be commonplace in tattooing, it still gets on the back of artists when a customer has too disparate or weak of an idea. We shall see!
  6. Hey there, my name's Conor and I live in East London. I'm finally about to lose my tattoo virginity courtesy of Liam Sparkes and thought this place could really offer an awful lot of useful information, and being a tattoo enthusiast for as long as I can remember I'm sure it'll be fun to talk to like minded people (it's strange how few people are actually positive about tattoos, let alone enthusiastic!) Well that's about it I suppose, hope to see you guys down the road!
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