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  1. I had this done at Rock N Roll Ink Dundee by guest artist Voyt, he was going home the next day so I had it done in one 11 hour sitting !!! I'm a massive Foo Fighters fan
  2. My little brother thought this would be a good tattoo to get haha
  3. My brother had a milky bar kid tattoed on his ribs and he thought it was the most painful tattoo hes had, hes very skinny though. my friend whos abit bigger also had her ribs tattooed didnt find it that bad so it depends really, Ive got a tattoo up the side of my lower leg and the parts of the tattoo that are on my shin i found nearly unbearable, that tattoo was done in one 11 hour session
  4. Hey Im Jamie, 24 from Scotland, Just joined to show people some of my latest ink, Recently started being tattoed at Rock And Roll in Dundee, the guys are amazing, I'll get some of my tattoos up soon :D
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