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  1. These are all awesome. My plain skin husband (I don't really like that phrase either, but he won't care if I use it) now even says to people, when they ask why I have a piranha on my arm.."because it's awesome!". Gotta love a non tattooed person who gets it.
  2. I'm talking about over knees, elbows, or the ditch of the arm? I have a tattoo on my foot that is about 10 years old. Everything has stayed clean and crisp except right over the "knuckle" (or the end of my metatarsal bone) on my big toe. There it's blurry and spread out. I can only assume this is b/c of the constant movement over that joint. So I'm nervous about getting tattooed over my knee or one of the other big joints. Any experience you guys can share?
  3. Delicious you're still very young, don't worry about it. The point is not to mold yourself into the perfect woman that men will like. Be who you are and you will eventually find someone who loves you for exactly that. Trying to mold yourself into what you think a man wants is crazy. First off, every man has a different idea of the perfect woman. Second, what will the point be in 10 years when you have a man, but don't have yourself? Besides, peoples opinions change. If you asked my husband 10 years ago, he didn't like tattoos on anyone. But we met, had tons in common, he looked past t
  4. Shaun, great idea! I'll have to do that. My husband is totally cool with me going to get tattooed in far off places, as long as he gets a trip out of it!
  5. I have a short list in my head of tattoo artists I want to travel to, they are famous, but I want to go to them because of their skill, not their fame. I won't mention them here, b/c I might get mocked. But unless I become rather wealthy, it's doubtful, b/c I'd get big pieces and have to travel there many times to get my piece finished. Besides, my "local" guy (my regular artist,who I LOVE) is 4.5 hours away from me. So it's not like he's real accessible either. But the only artist local to me who is talented is also constantly high and extremely unreliable, and I can't deal with that. E
  6. Thesandmanisme, that is good advice I think. Though, I have recently gotten into the idea of having some sort of tattoo in relation to my husband. On my right ring finger. Either his initials, or our date of marriage, something like that. I never thought that was a good idea, but recently it's begun to grow on me. I like the idea, of when I"m old, having this old faded tattoo to look at, and remember when we were young. But yeah, it is risky, since I know damn well things can change. So I don't know if I'll ever do it, but boy do I want to!
  7. Thanks for all the help! I like it cause I like the anatomic heart idea, but not into the super realistic/grotesque look. I'm close to being done with a sleeve that is mostly realistic stuff, which is awesome, but I thought for my next piece after that I'd go for something different, and that heart is very cool. - - - Updated - - - I think it'll make a good resource to show my artist when it comes time to get work done, he can improve upon it! Speaking of which, is it bad form to print something like this off the internet to take to an artist to use as a idea for a tattoo (not a straight c
  8. Thanks for the helpful information! I'm going to do a little research and see if I can figure it out. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Scott! Unfortunately that doesn't turn up anything on the search either, though apparently there was a great convention there. But no luck on the flash.
  10. Or direct me to a picture online of it? It's the heart in the middle of the frame. I LOVE it but can't make out the text on it, nor can I find it from the google search I've tried. Thanks! It's at 0:48 in the video.
  11. Hmm good point about it looking like a rash. Not really the look i was going for.
  12. Well I"ve read that they tend to yellow as they age, and that doesn't bother me. Here's a picture that shows an old white palm tattoo, and I love it. I also have similar skin tone to the guy in the picture.
  13. I think, as long as it's quality work, tattoos will fine on big people. And I think definitely go big, but then, small tattoos that don't fill the space they're in annoy me. I think, especially as a heavy person, getting something that makes you proud of your body is a good thing! And good tattoos would do that, I'd think. Shoot I"m overweight, and every tattoo I get makes me feel more beautiful:)
  14. Hmm anti white tattoos? Ah well we'll see what people say.
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