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  1. i prefer the classic lady heads early 1900-1940 ish (grimm,jensen,big ben,wicks) are some of my favs; i always get excited to see a classic pinup head or bust.looks timeless and tuff as hell,cant go wrong!!
  2. shyit i had to work the same day after gettin both hands done,it sucks and had to wear a size up glove with hella a&d on it to keep the nitrile from stickin to it.both healed well with very minor pigment loss,but i tell peeps do it when you got a few days off so it can heal a lessons,alohaz!!
  3. if its an original,then think of it as a beautiful investment,something that someone had put alot of themselves into and a product of that time period that has remained intact after all these years makes it even more awesome so you cant go wrong and its yoshitoshi!!
  4. my names kaleo i am a tattooer at loyalty tattoo,alohaz!