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  1. Why aren't you supposed to put it on a new tattoo? I thought it is a good way to protect a new tattoo..
  2. Yes I know Valerie's work and do think she is amazing but her waiting list is closed...I will wait patiently though :-) - - - Updated - - - He he...it doesn't always rain but it is miserable a lot of the time...What's it like in Wisconsin then? I was going to chat about placements with my tattooer but as i am planning to get work by a few different tattooers and have not everything planned out yet I am worried that i will put something somewhere and then at a later time i might have an idea how i could have used the space better...but I suppose that is just the way it is...I think I am l
  3. ATTACH=CONFIG]8816[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]8817[/ATTACH] Here are pictures of my swallows. I really love them. I like it that they have those swirls to make them look a bit different. I also didn't know what colours to go for and let my tattooer decide...So we did one blue one green but I really like how he mixed all those other colours in there too...
  4. Hello Thank you for the welcome...I am getting a (oh so popular) ladies head...I wanted one for a long time as I love them when they are well done and in my eyes they are timeless...It will be done by Gemma at Cherrys Tattoo's. I really love her ladies. I looked at many artists and just really love how she does the faces and all. Also my previous tattoos are done by men and I always wanted to get tattooed by a woman. Yes my problem is at the moment that i always worry about placements...As I am still pretty empty I just want to make sure I use the space as well as possible...Any advise on t
  5. Hello all So here is my hello! I live in London but I am from Berlin so please forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes. I got my first tattoo about 10 years ago I think but wanted one long before that. I currently still have a lot of space on my body. I have only one biggish tattoo and a couple more small ones. I am booked in for another one in 2 weeks and can't wait! It's been a while since my last one and I had a massive urge to get something new. A lot of space on my body is kind of planned out but I always get new and more ideas. I love looking at tattoos and reading about them and that is
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