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  1. Two weeks time, Three books with a skull on top of them, on my left shoulder blade. black and grey. can't wait!
  2. That's a sparrow. - - - Updated - - - That's a sparrow, not a swallow. - - - Updated - - - Yeah I have a vague idea but that's exactly what I'll probably do; let the artist decide.
  3. Planning on getting two swallows, one on each shoulder blade, this summer. My reason for getting them is because of their symbolisation of love, loyalty as well as other things, but also because they are traditional tattoos, and therefore, timeless. Just looking for advice on colours, etc., and if anyone has a similar tattoo, I'd be very happy to see a picture for ideas. Oh yeah, even though I'm looking for traditional swallows, I'm veering towards dark colour instead of the light colours you see very often. Appreciate any advice :)
  4. Here's that ninja/jesus tattoo. It's kinda visible in this picture:
  5. celtic design in the cross is well-detailed. was it just done recently?
  6. sounds rough man! How many more sessions have you to go through?
  7. Hey YOMONEY just curious as to why you wanted to have your sleeve removed? Do you plan to start over with new tattoos?
  8. Beautiful tattoo. A credit to you; especially for a first! I can only imagine how excited and nervous you must have been. Look forward to seeing the finishing touches.
  9. wicked tattoo. especially love the skull and crossbones
  10. Very interesting! One lady there states that her tattoo (A considerable backpiece) feels a part of her and that she'd feel naked without it. I can really relate to that; I'd feel like an important part of me was missing if my ink was to dissapear in the morning.
  11. Hi guys, came across this website the other day when I stumbled on to a forum on 'first tattoos'. Enjoy seeing people's tattoos and hearing about the stories behind them. Really fascinated with tattoos and the industry and hope to learn a lot more here. Regards, Joe.
  12. I agree with the previous posters. the tattoo is very personal to you, therefore I believe that the Traditional tattoo can mean whatever you want it to mean. The Swallow tattoo in particular is very ambiguous and has many meanings over the past century. Originally, it was tattooed on sailors for good luck, as seeing a swallow at sea indicated that land was nearby. Eventually, having a swallow tattoo was seen as a career-landmark for the sailor as he got the swallow tattoo after sailing a certain amount of miles I believe. In WW2, as you already mentioned, many sailors, and soldiers even, in
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