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  1. and btw, if you really want to get worked up over a tattoo show then watch the tattoos titans one with the Omni james. its on the country music channel, so naturally they've picked the most downhicked people they could find from the most geographically retarded places in the US, with the usual disclaimer of how they've picked "5 of the nations top tattoo artists". I made it 10 minutes in when they were prepping for the first challenge and the customers all came to them with "meaningful tattoos". one girl wanted a palm tree to commemorate a trip she took to Jamaica with her friend. and that was it for me. but the real victims in all this are the fucking public..
  2. I think its way funny how they're doing shit like "geometrical challenges" at the beginning to keep guys like roland and water painting guy around, and everyone getting sent home is either having a freak out or an injury.. - - - Updated - - - and yeah its a dumb show, a non-reality, but hard to look away..
  3. yeah, and then how in all of the previews its her getting yelled at by guys and crying. the level of ratchetness on my tv is at an all time high right now. so bad for moral..
  4. hey, mike. I just saw on your website the way you guys are doing pricing now. that is huge. I wish there were more people like you guys out there.
  5. wow, yeah, im still on the fence about picosure (I was just saying to mike above about the heal time and swelling/larger areas being treated). but what ive seen and heard from realself and other reviews im convinced its pretty dope. but if I were just going for coverup I wouldn't bother wasting the extra money. what is your endgame? competele removal? I might be wrong, but from my observations, qswitch is good for any fading for coverup procedure, where as a picosure might be the best for a complete removal?
  6. "i insisted my dr. to really burn this shit up (he had strongly advised against the settings i requested but i wouldn't have it any other way)" that made me crack up for some reason. thanks for sharing these pictures.. - - - Updated - - - those results look really good actually compared to the last pictures you posted. whether that would have happened with a qswitch who knows!
  7. that's pretty crazy man, does it numb out your arm like you just iced it? also, I talked to an artist a couple weeks ago. im good to go on a cover up next month. will keep posted.
  8. mike, you've probably taught my the most about the lasering process out of anybody or the entire internet put togather, but I gotta go straight to the horses mouth on this one.. Picosure and Medlite on 3/4 Sleeve - Dallas, TX - PicoSure review - RealSelf - - - Updated - - - **although his views, and other reviews I read, could be because of other reasons, such as being further a long in their treatments before using picosure, etc. but I still think that the tech needs to be skilled or else youre just waisting money (compare the results somebody like mike driver gets to dr. tattoff) or will end up hurt like that foot in the instagram picture.
  9. thanks, man. and no doubt, youre right. way more trying than I initially thought. will be checking for your updates. merry xmas..
  10. yeah, that's true stu. alan did say back in early October that I could wait up until 6 months. one of the artis there said shed gotten lasered once a year ago and shell probably only need one more. alan also told me about a professional tattoo he removed completely in 4 sessions over 4 years, one session every year. the hat, baseball is coming up on 3 months. the hand and most of scroll was just treated and hasn't shown results yet, not until next week im guessing. I have doubts that hat guy/baseball side will show any significant fading, but I could be wrong. ive been pretty obsessive about it. I even integrated some mini trampoline action, supposed improve the immune system by 15-20 times. vibrating massager, lots of vitamins and supplements, tea and water. im pretty much a mad man..
  11. whats your take on coney island vinny? pretty impressive, but do you think itll eventually show through or get mudded up?
  12. wtf this guy lives in my town! I run into people who reference him when I tell them what im going through. they say hes a nice dude, def not down with any of the previous hate shit, and works as a piercer at some shop. good for him.
  13. theres a lot of picosure review action going on over at RealSelf. some of it really good, some of it crap. I think it all comes down to the tech and if he/she is skilled or not, and from what Im gathering a lot of them aren't and are also afraid of turning up the machine. for what its worth I also hear healing time is a lot quicker with picosure, theres less swelling, and it doesn't hurt as much, all things I don't really care about especially for 2x-3x the price of q-switch.
  14. crazy, this topic is still kicking around. it was never my intention to abandoned it. I just felt like I didn't ever have much to report and even got to a point where I had to step the fuck off, couldn't even look at tattoos, lasered tattoos, etc. none of it. for mental health reasons, and hang around in the hot ass desert with blobs on my arm in long sleeves. anyway, was never going to abandoned this topic without some type of closure.. this is post treatment 5. exactly a year after I begun this crazy shit. some of it is 2 months post 5, other areas are 2 weeks post 5, so there will still be some more fading at about weeks 3 and 4. so all in all ive gone out to dallas and gotten zapped 10 times. ill try to get some better pictures later, was having a hard time capturing my whole arm and still capture the fade affects. alan said back in October at the first round of treatment 5 that that was it. that I should wait for a few months to get the full fading then go get covered up. when I went back a couple weeks ago for the second half of treatment 5 he said I was good to go. looking at my arm, I really have doubts. im meeting with an artist in about 3 weeks to discuss getting a heavy Japanese sleeve going, but somehow feel like ill be sent back for another round, or maybe im just being negative.. - - - Updated - - - these are the pre-treatments. comparing the two pics is insane to me, this is the first time looking at them, I had no idea id come this far. but still thinking really negative about this coverup happening anytime soon. anyone have any thoughts?? can all that black that's still there just be run the fuck over??
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