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  1. I couldn't find many examples either for kitsune ideas when I was looking around, but I just asked Seth Wood if he wanted to draw one for my back - fortunately he was interested. I think you just have to find someone you trust and go for it!
  2. I've been diggin: RH Wells Grimey Tomas Tomas Kenji Alucky Greggletron Nathan Kostechko Alexander Grim Seth Wood
  3. wow - how big is the piece? I have about 6 sessions in so far on two arm sections. 3 with traditional and 3 with pico on very recent and very dark black and grey work. it's definitely working, but a little slower than hoped. I think I am going to do 9 sessions total. paying $350 for about 20 minutes of laser time. trying to do a cover-up.
  4. I might have to ask the office for the before pics. I am too lazy to take pics. sorry :/
  5. and that's why Mike's the expert :D sorry I might have been exaggerating about the 3x faster (and the gout!) - but they do seem to make you think it could work 2x faster. thanks for a dose of realism. guess we'll find out more as time goes by.
  6. thanks Mike good to know that the popping should subside a bit. I don't even want to know what those new machines cost.... I'll see if anyone chimes in on the new thread I started regarding the pico.
  7. Anybody out there had any treatment with a picosecond laser? I think the only one out right now is Picosure from Cynosure.... the marketing would have you believe this is the best thing in 20 years, will remove tattoos 2-3x faster, cure gout, etc. I believe the first units shipped within the past month or so. I personally visited a physician in my area that recently took delivery in hopes of speeding up a lightening of my arm for a cover-up. I have a very dark black and grey section about 4x7" that is being worked on. I am already 3 sessions in with a Nd:YAG (I think that's right), and
  8. Mike thanks for the insightful response - I look forward to more videos. I have had blisters as my treatment has become more aggressive, but not massive blisters so I thought I'd ask your thoughts. I recently had a treatment with Picosure, which I am hoping will speed up the process. It did seem less painful, so I'd say that's a plus too. Have you worked with Picosure or have plans to? actually I see that I can post a thread now so I am going to start one on Picosure.....
  9. have you considered looking into the pico laser stuff that's out now? it's supposed to work faster/fewer sessions. I want to start a new thread on that one but don't seem to be able to...
  10. it actually sounded like a good deal for the employees - I wonder if it worked out for the company. they did get a lot of good free advertising for the stunt though. wonder if they're still honoring it after the week has gone by :) and yeah... I totally would have done it.
  11. thanks for posting a nice little video. on the topic of nasty internet information and blisters.... I've seen some pretty nasty blisters and had a few myself... I noticed as the treatments got more aggressive I did get more blisters, but nothing unmanageable. Would you say treatments should be almost blister free? Or does it just depend on how aggressive you want to get?
  12. Like a lot of people I've gone for the keep it clean 2x a day for the first few days (dial soap or something from a pump) covered with Aquaphor and then switched to Aveeno green top lotion. Nothing too special - but it has worked without any issues. I will say that the only time I've had trouble healing was when I didn't keep the area clean. I wore the same shirt for a few days and my chest tattoo got a bit red and irritated - a small section that had more damage to the skin than the rest. Once I kept the tattoo clean and covered with a clean bandage it healed up pretty quick over the next
  13. I'm gonna be generic and vote ribs as my most painful... but I haven't had my hands, neck or ass tattooed yet :p arm ditch gets a very close second! and getting tattooed without a month of rest between has generally been a bad idea for me.
  14. love Xam's work - thanks for posting that up it looks awesome. anybody know if he visits the US?
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