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  1. I was kind of thinking the same thing... so it might not be stretching it too far. I was thinking more along the lines that if you can get the key and unlock the owl you receive its wisdom??? who knows.. Thanks Julio.
  2. You got it Dari! I have a another non tattoo forum I post on (a Phish forum), I'm pretty sure they would help mind if i throw it up there?
  3. I have seen a plethora of owl tattoos recently. Often they are holding a key, and a key hole is incorporated in the owls body. I've searched and searched but I can't find the reason behind it. Does anyone know the reason for this(if there is one)?
  4. Thats a pretty crazy story, I'm sure you'll always remember that one! I'd love to see that foot too, sounds like a rad piece!
  5. Hogg, that tiger is really rad, can't wait to see both of them done..... The rest of your collection of ink is pretty damn impressive too.
  6. While I am not a tattoo artist, I was checking into this thread out of curiosity. I noticed a lot of you guys mentioning you needed to take off some songs so they wouldn't pop up during shuffle, and trust me I think most people have a few songs like that! Anyways a helpful hint is that you can make it so certain songs don't pop up on shuffle! I'm in class right now, and can't check out exactly how to do it, but I can post how to later if anyones interested.
  7. As a collector I don't like this idea at all... However, I guess if the artist asked and client complied or vice versa, I don't see it as something terrible. Just not for me.
  8. I absolutely am a fan of those traditional style panther heads, definitely going to get one eventually! Avery that piece is amazing, great work Bryan
  9. Overwhelming amounts of people may be an exaggeration....
  10. "The Town" was an entertaining movie, but to be honest the terrible fake Boston accents were killing me. And Petri Aspvik, I really dig your taste in movies, and I think it is definitely a smart choice to wait for any movie inspired tattoo! -Maxx
  11. I really dig the style of this man! and i love the rest of the work you posted too, thanks for sharing.
  12. I am a huge fan of Donnie Darko, and have been thinking about starting a tattoo based on it. I'm young and don't know if I'll love it forever, so i will wait more than a couple years to see if i want something associated with the movie tattooed on my body... However, the fact that I've watched this movie AT LEAST once a month for the past five years might give an indication to the future. I am also a huge fan of the coen brothers... The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Raising Arizona, The Man Who Wasn't There, and many others.. I absolutely am a movie buff, and love mostly at independent and other films
  13. I know, right? It truly is funny, some of the stuff I've heard that really gets me going. Once a friend of mine was telling me that him and one of his "former" best friends got into a fight that could never be solved... his explanation was that he was a certain sign and his friend was different sign, which he said explains why they would not be able to ever get along. I can't remember the signs, but seriously I was dying of laughter. I mean i personally never made my sign a huge part of my life, but to each their own!
  14. Didn't change that i'm a Sagittarius! But I feel like this could be detrimental to the large amount of people who live their lives by their astrological sign... being in college right now, I have talked to an overwhelmingly amount of people who won't get involved romantically with someone because they are not of their compatible sign.
  15. Lochlan and Kyle thanks for the great responses... I must say that this forum, despite its smaller size of users, has had the most helpful people on it. The replies are always incredible. I will definitely continue to post here! however, I am still new to the world of tattoos, so I think more reading is in order before writing. Thanks again guys.
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