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    Refreshing and Coverof an old tattoo by Charlotte Moody
  2. Lettering by Charlotte Moody
  3. Hello, I'm Charlotte and a novice in the tattoo world. I do tattoos for 2 years now and opened this year my studio in Tarifa (Spain). Two years ago , I was that girl with dreams and plans about the tattoo world, now that I have my own studio, I lost a lot of my "virginity" and have a hard time struggling in this "men" or better said "macho" world. Are there any girls or men out there who can give me any tips or advices how I can survive ? Since I opened my studio , I'm getting bullyed by a college (an older tatoist with 10 years experience) and very often I loose my calmt as I am a temperamentfull girl. I'm soo much in love with this world of tattooing and this person makes what could be a beautifull moment in my life as a hell. How do the girls do in USA ? Please write......Charlotte Moody.
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    My girl

    Kiss of my girlfriend by Charlotte Moody
  5. Grandparents names by Charlotte Moody
  6. Keith Harring by Charlotte Moody
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    Charlotte Moody Cover Up
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