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  1. I just hangout and clean up after everyone. Its a good deal!
  2. I actually work with dave now in stockton at quarter horse tattoo! - - - Updated - - - Posted it! forgot to mention you!
  3. I work with dave gibson in stockton! hes the cutest and the best!
  4. These one need a secion of color Tomorrow ill be getting a tattoo from Dave Gibson!
  5. the idea seems great your location not so much. your palm will fade and the ink doesn't stay in well even after the tattoo is done. if youre looking for something that will fade over time you probably should really think about what you really want
  6. i don't think your tattoos could get any cooler!
  7. welcome sir! lets have fun and look at stuff!
  8. Hello! My name is Janessa. Im 18 and of course I love tattoos. Ive been growing up with them my whole life. My uncle is a tattoo artist in Missouri and I have become his canvas of art. I want to be a tattoo artist and i thought this site would help me with ideas on tattoos and being a better tattoo artist in the future.
  9. I'm getting tattooed by him tomorrow! Ii'm so excited. the first person to tattoo me besides me besides my uncle and hes a legend. find him in Stockton, Ca! Quarter Horse Tattoo - Stockton, CA
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