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  1. All healed, now...on this Friday I've got 8 hrs more ! Luv it! ?
  2. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, my work is done by Abigail "Abby" Hume at Studio Evolve here in VB. I love giving her an idea and a FEW basic guidelines and then letting her just fly! Her color is amazing, and she's not heavy handed at all. My frog....a year old and not one touch up needed!
  3. Finished the red eyed tree frog. I love my artist. She does great color. I just let her go and she creates great things. Free hand.
  4. This is immediately after 9 hours of work, one sitting, about 6-8 more to go. This when finished will be a fairy with monarch butterfly wings emerging from her chrysalis. (Reps me losing 180lbs and coming out of my shell). Got about 7 or so more hrs of work to go.. Scheduled to be completed in 1 more sitting on the 16th of aug
  5. Good evening everyone. I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Shelly. I'm here in Virginia beach and got my first tattoo in 1994. I'm nearing my 40's and have no intention of slowing on my ink expressions. In fact I've picked up. Just last week on July 27th, I sat for my longest session...10 for my left forearm. I will say, I was a lil under the weather the next day. Much rest, fluids and Motrin were in order. When finished, it will be a fairy with monarch butterfly wings, emerging from her chrysalis.... All of my tattoos in the past until this one, have been able
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