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  1. I was wondering ... If you want to place a tattoo on your wrist. It has a vertical line as symmetry from finger tips towards arm. How to you see when it's straight? The red line in the image for example - - - Updated - - - This was the design I went for. But the guy said the letter was too close to the vertical line, so he had to move it a little.
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    10 Days underway!
  3. My luck, guess I picked the best artist then ;(
  4. I get some white spots when it's dry, but when I rub it in with bepanthol it becomes black again. Are these the scabs you are talking about?
  5. After the guy was done with my first tattoo, he said he didn't do any free touch up. Is this normal?
  6. belthazor


    I've been doing martial arts for more about 20 years (karate, kung-fu, street fighting, kempo, ...) But this is the most inconstant thing I ever did. Never the same, every training different. I've played soccer, but compared to Krav-Jitsu it wasn't that tiring ;)
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    It's a mixture of Krav Maga, Haganah, Modern Jiu Jitsu and Street Jiu Jitsu. Ideal self defence for Police Officers and Military including submissions, ground control, defence for knife, gun, sticks, kubotan, ...
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    Hi, My name is Kenny from Belgium. My hobbies are Krav-Jitsu and watching Soccer. After many years of thinking of a design, I decided to get my first tattoo. I have one on my upper wrist. So there lies the problem I'm having of when I can get back to training since we work a lot on wrist locks.
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