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    Tattooer at love n hate tattoo in Sherman tx
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  1. I miss that tattoo magic, I remember that fun element of fear you used to get going into a tattoo shop. The same feeling when waiting in line for the roller coaster. I remember being asked if I wanted a tattoo and me being timid 16 year old saying " I think so" and then promptly being told to get the fuck out and to come back when I knew I wanted one , haha. I never got tattooed by that mean old bastard, but I always smile a little when I think about it. I'm a lot nicer to the folks who come into our studio , but man , some times I really wish these new clients could appreciate the magic that those old carnie biker old schooler guys had. Just the elaborate bravado and sea of bullshit, that stuff was in itself an art , an art that is all but dead now.
  2. Saw Richard at the elm st convention, he was looking good! Hoping things are looking up and hope to come pay you guys a visit and get a little work next time I'm north of the border!
  3. I have some pictures of some leeroy minouge? Tattoos and a couple Percy waters that came into my place of business a while back, the guy got them at the pike back in the early sixties I believe . He had some really cool stories about those guys , he claims to have shot a guy that was attempting to rob the shop! I will get the pics onto my laptop and upload them soon. I love old tattoos and seeing how they aged. I remember reading an old biker tattoo mag that bob shaw was in talking about how he started using smaller needle configurations after having seen his own tattoos come back thirty years later.
  4. My mom actually has a couple of the napkins actually , roses that say mom haha.
  5. Been tattooing five years in the lone star state, looking to use this forum to make new contacts and friends as I hope to start doing some traveling soon, doing guest spots and more conventions, looking to Borden my horizons and to continue to humbly learn. Also excited to find a forum to discuss topics of interest with those who's interest are similar to my own. ... About me, I came into tattooing a little late (started tattooing at 28) but it has always been there. My pop was an alcoholic Vietnam vet and always took me to the local VFW bar where ( at that time) alot of old sailors from WWII were still alive , being young, and most of them having grandchildren my age, they would tell me stories and show me their tattoos, I would try and replicate those designs on bar napkins while my dad hustled pool. Eventually I started drawing on kids at school with markers, and now I do it for real. I searched an apprenticeship under Christopher Giles of Dallas tx and now work in one of his studios in Sherman , it's a street shop, and I have come to appreciate all styles of tattooing, I love traditional Americana designs as I love history in general, but I also wish to Borden my horizons and do not want to pigeon hole myself into one style, I really want to expand my knowledge and skill set so that I can be proficient in several styles so that I can one day find what works for me to make solid, long lasting, bold tattoos. ..... Aside from tattooing, I like fishing and outdoorsy stuff, I like to try other artistic mediums to help keep me fresh and un burned out from infinity symbols and kanji ;) I'm a huge fan of joe rogan, have a pitbull named Kevin bacon , lover of all kinds of music, well, except for the new "monotone" rap. I don't get it. Anything else you wanna know, ask ...
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    Painting for my barber
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    Painting for my barber
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