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  1. That's probably what I will end up like, with a quasi suit... Starting a back piece in half a year or so, small coverup and going till butt. Also koi ok right back / side thigh will need to somehow be built in. Anyway apologies for derailing this thread. Will continue on the more appropriate one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks mate, that helps to do some google re"searching". Are there anymore traditional placement / coverage not included here? Trying to know a bit more about this and how to organically grow vs just slapping things in a spot and forcing a cohesive suit.
  3. Slightly different topic, can anyone give the accurate name's for the different suits depicted here -
  4. Speaking to a friend who is an expert in make-up and a professional stylist - This gets tricky for some ethnic groups like Indians (myself) and mixed race / african-american. Speaking to a friend who is an expert in make-As you can have a mix of a cool/warm skin tone and a different over tone and under tone !!!! This can lead to a neutral tone. She mentioned that the darkest of dark people will general have a cool skin tone (this is of course in the makeup world, don't know how that translates into tattoo dyes and ink). As much as I'd love to get some vibrant coloured japanese sleeve's I think I'm going to thave to stick to black and gray thanks to my skin tone (whatever it is!)
  5. Btw if you don't mind sharing the artist ? I'm literally flying out to HK in a few hours for a week. It's a work trio but if time permits id swing by there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yes please do your research as I have no experience with these however since this is formulated by someone well known in the circles I'd take it as being worthy, write him for the details. Good luck!
  7. Painkillers may seem like a good idea but not if they will thin the blood so check out contra-indications of the substance you ingest. I hear women have a better pain tolerance... maybe get on some hormones ;) Joke's aside I found out about a product by Horikitsune supposed to be very effective and I planned on investing in as I had a similar schedule as yours (which I now cancelled). Numdaskin - Instagram photo by @horikitsune (horikitsune) | Statigram Costs about $185 and a tub should cover a backpiece depending on your frame. Let us know how you go, a lot of people i'm sure would like to know your experience and see the progress/healing.
  8. Just bidded for like 5 books, thanks for helping me spend next weeks pay :)
  9. I want to thank all of you for making me open my eyes and "suck eggs" as Amok put it. Also I just realised that whatever responses I made via the "Tapatalk" app have not seen the day of light.... So as an update, Joe Shit was in dialogue with me and cleverly influenced me without actually saying DONT DO IT. I've been pouring over some of the work from the links he and you guys provided on this thread. Some I relate to, some just look liked great art. But here's the thing... I started noticing certain tattoo's that capture an emotion. What I'm saying is I saw some amazing work and then I saw meaningful work. I posted a pic earlier of this back piece by Evan Griffith it struck a chord. There's something there captured which seems to be what I'm looking for too. I'm not suggesting I want to replicate that... but I need to find someone who can capture the emotion for me. Here's my question to you guys - how many of you sat down told your story and theme and had the artist come back with what you wanted? For me that back piece made me sit up in my chair and go "WTF.... are you kidding me?" True. Truer Thanks. Undecided about keeping it really. In fact thanks to this lot here I'm most likely not getting anything on my back anytime soon...
  10. Thanks for the links guys... Keep them coming. I actually happened to check out lightening tattoo in September... Talked to Brett. Thats where Rusty operates too when i looked it up.All top artists there judging from the work. Also Evan Griffith from Melbourne...loved the work (attached) Committing to 8-9k for a back piece is something I need to come to terms with. Doesn't mean I expect to pay 2k and get a top job.. But there's a difference between 5k and 9k. Apologies if this isn't the sort of talk expected here or offensive to artists, I definitely see why good work is costly due to the years in training, tools, materials and expertise / availability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ponder is the right word... Thanks for keeping it real guys. Joe has been shooting some awesome images my way and Deans work looks amazing too. Current rates around here(Sydney) put me in the range of about $7.5-$9k. It shames me to have to say that money is an object when it comes to something so personal and permanent. I used the Honda civic vs Porsche analogy with someone and I know that's WRONG! That being said this year I've been travelling outside Australia every month except march. Sometime I was gone up to 3 weeks. Most of the time is spent in Asia where I also have family. So flying to Thailand is not necessarily an additional cost. I know I want to do this however I'm not sure can commission the best and at those prices. I may need a lifestyle change and wait another few years to get started if I chose to wait and go local.
  12. (2012-04-27) : Japaness Check out his FB for more recent work, a lot of coverup projects.
  13. http://www.yingyoungterktattoo.com/index.php?lay=show&ac=photo_view&event_id=8468 Check his FB for more recent work. Does a lot of cover ups these days as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I looked at Brett Hayes from Lighthouse Tattoo ok Sydney. Awesome guy humble and soft spoken. Sydney is expensive though... I know can't put a price on art! For this project I'm in talks with Ying - http://www.yingyoungterktattoo.com/index.php?lay=show&ac=photo_view&event_id=8468 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Guy!

    Thanks for the reply mate. I'm down under (Sydney) but looking at an artist in Thailand who has done some work on a friend. Still tossing up the option of a coverup or just reworking this. I will only get 15 hours or so across 3 sessions and would like to use it wisely. Sorry to derail your thread, hop on mine if you want to chat more. Thanks for the aleve tip. Definitely going that way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks JV. One thing I want to add is the Dragon/Tiger theme is to depict yin/yang , opposing forces and male/female energy. This literally defines what I've been going through and theres some crazy connections and the universe "telling me" things if you believe that kind of stuff. Simply put this is my way of tattooing a girls name on me but in a deeply meaningful and symbolic way. Her and I may not last but my tattoo will and nothing will take that away from me. Question (it's a personal choice I know) - For creating a back piece / placement wise I definitely think I need a cover up. However who thinks reworking this piece can also be a worthy option? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks Hayden! I did not want to hear that it's good. I can just ask random people at a bar and thy will be like "siiiiiiick bro" hehe. Definitely I've liked my tattoo and wore it with pride(and that has helped). The winds of change are blowing and it's time for me to let go! Would posting pics or linking to the intended artists website be a good idea for feedback or is that not the best way... Thanks
  18. Valid point and I think I need to hear from others too. Surely I can get better work than that and luckily I found you guys. Foremost on my mind right now is to actually get a coverup. I still want a dragon / tiger japanese themed piece. From a placement perspective the coverup is surely a much more practical move. Somehow I'm holding on to some last bits of sentimental value for this piece. Thanks! Will pursue this
  19. dharmakaya

    New Guy!

    Awesome first post! I'd love to pick your brains, decided to post here instead of PM, so that others can benefit from reading your experience too : 1. You did 2 sessions on <2 weeks off> 2 sessions - How long did you go each session? - I plan on doing my back but have an appointment for 18/19 and then the 25. Any tips? 2. The hori title indicates a master, so was a machine no used to create your piece? (sorry if I missed that). I plan on going for a dragon and tiger with some traditional japanese elements as a back piece. Undecided on a cover-up or not : http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/attachments/initiation/9669d1383639533-stick-some-shrimp-barby-photo-5-11-13-16-13-17.jpg Cheers!
  20. dharmakaya

    Hiya :)

    Hi JV! Brissy definitely sunnier than the rest of the island;) Good luck with your journey collecting art. I lived in NZ for under 2 years and had some close maori/samaon mates. I think the traditional tattoo's are the most beautiful thing. However unless and until I have an actual spiritual-life changing event connected and intertwined into the culture I wouldn't dare get one (i.e. I wouldn't get one simple for aesthetic purposes). Right now I'm also against "mixing" styles. However I'm at the start of my journey, pretty sure in time all of my "beliefs" and "values" will radically change hahah ;)
  21. Glad to be here! Actually it has just been me drifting along, nothing ever took much effort up until now. I think my journey has just begun! If things go according to plan, first sitting 18th Dec and then 19th Dec. A break and then 25th Dec. Thanks for the warm welcome. The major cities in Thailand literally have tattoo dens every street. BKK/Pattaya and Phuket(Patong) probably have more tattoo businesses than supermarkets. Some major districts like Khao san road in BKK have upto 25-30 stores. I got mine from a guy called Mr.Aob, he doesn't seem to be around at the store anymore, but this is the group he operated from - Eak tattoo - they have about 6 shop fronts within a block! KHAOSAN TATTOO : The Best Tattoo Studio on Khaosan road Bangkok Thailand I have sought out another artist who decorated one of my friends and her boyfriend, so this is mostly who I will end up with. I have lots of questions and opinions I want from you guys, I guess I will patiently wait to hit my 10 post threshold before I offload. finally - why no comments on the existing piece? Do you love it hate it, think I'm an idiot ;)
  22. Contrary to belief, that's not something that's heard very often here in Australia. I live in Sydney and of Indian ethnicity (I felt this important due to skin type, coloured inks etc). About me I turned the big 30 this year and it has been an eye opening year for me, very positive but also a time of reflections. I feel like I'm at some sort of a cross road in my life and somehow it has also triggered the urge to create an expression/extension of myself by putting a needle and ink to my skin. Right from when I was about 16 I wanted a tattoo as some of the cool kids were getting one and a "Tattooist" showed up on the scene in my hometown. Obsessing with many images and symbols I ended up not getting any. As you can guess, time buried those images and honestly I'm glad I never did. I always knew I wanted one but never gave it much thought. In '06 the itch began again and I landed on a tibetan chant which I decided was what I would get. Sought out a relatively established artist in Melbourne and the cost was a bit prohibitive for me, I came off to say that I'd get to it at some point. If it interests you, the chant is "Om mani padme hum" and often tattooed - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/80/OM_MANI_PADME_HUM-bw.svg Anyway to cut to the chase, a year later I was in thailand and I realised what an awesome tattoo culture they had there. So I was finally ready and still thought I'd go with my original idea. Somehow when I went in the store and chatted with the artist and looked around I chanced upon a scrap of paper with someone's practise drawing, of an oriental dragon head. Who knows what happened, I decided thats what I wanted and had that slapped on my back in under an hour. That was 6 years ago, always knew I wanted to complete the dragon and every now and then looked up images on the internet. However I've had no work done since. The 2 attachments are of the day after the tattoo was done (closeup) and from last month (body shot). Que 2013 and all of the changes and my personal state of of mind by august I was dealing with a lot of anxiety/turmoil of emotions and somehow I started actually digging a little deeper into the significance of Japanese tattoo and also discovered Irezumi and what the elements of Japanese tatooing meant. I'm now more or less finalising a back piece and will be flying to Thailand in December. I paid the artist a visit in September to get a feel for the guy and the vibe. Now in the last week I stumbled upon this forum on google - http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-advice/805-full-body-suit-people.html Whats been the highlight on this forum was the Kore Flatmo interview - this dialogue totally blew me away. Leaving aside any of the tattoo related stuff, just his general approach to life and humility was such an eye opener. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpqwCuwGPtI I'm now here as I have a few weeks left, I want to broaden my mind with peoples experiences, comments and criticisms! I'm excited but also a bit nervous, I will be opening up a lot of skin and I'm not sure how this will pan out as I plan on having 2 days of 5 hour sittings then taking a week off and having another sitting or 2. Thats the plan...for now atleast. Come at me !
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