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  1. Hi... I have some Ryan Downie tattoo machines available for sale, I have both liners and shaders available. The machines are $300 each or $550 for a set, prices are non negotiable. I am located in Las Vegas, NV, but I can ship anywhere in the world. Click on the link to order the tattoo machine or you can call me at 702-822-6689 or you can email me at sales@lighthousetattoosupply.com with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking! Jamie
  2. Hi, I am helping a friend here in Las Vegas look for a scarce style needle. I am hoping someone out there knows where we can find these. His stock is running low and he is beginning to worry. The needle is a 5 Flat "pencil tip" I cannot find these online anywhere. He also uses a 5 flat short taper, I believe these are easier to find, but he prefers the pencil tip style. He is a traditional Japanese tattoo artist.. If someone could point me in the right direction on where to find pencil tip needles, or refer me to a site that sales quality flat short tapers, I would be forever grateful.
  3. I have never had anyone use gauze, that sounds like it would stick to the tattoo, i hate when things stick to my tattoos, it makes me cringe thinking about it. haha Recently I have seen some artist use Dri Loc pads, this allows for the absorption of bodily fluids and it allows the tattoo to breath, which I personally believe this would be best for the tattoo. Although, anyone who has ever tattooed me has used only plastic saran wrap.. i don't really think its necessarily bad for the tattoo since the wrap is on their for less then an hour and everything under the wrap is clean. It might suf
  4. I was curious to see if anyone in the tattoo world has heard of "Anasep" its a antimicrobial skin and would gel. A sales rep came by our shop to introduce the product to us, and said that some piercers' use it but was unsure of the side affects on tattoos. The reason this product caught our interested is because a good friend of ours gets gnarly tattoo infections when he gets tattoos below the knee, sometimes he heals ok, and one time his tattoo literally melted off his skin, it was likely a bad staff/cellulitus type infection. Gross right? So this product claims to kill bacteria, fungi, v
  5. I get a lot of "did that hurt" sometimes i tell the truth and sometimes im a smart ass, and say "no not at all" rolls eyes, idiot. LOL Yes it hurt, i had tons of tiny needles going in and out of my skin for hours on end, of course it hurt! I got a new one last night "did you cry" umm no. "how big is it" my whole back.. "really?!" yes really "can i touch it".. uhh noo .. then they proceed to touch me anyway... "can i see it" no, i dont typically take off my clothes for strangers in public places.. most people dont offend me except i had one lady just come up behind me and start moving straps o
  6. i only have 3 different artist work on my body, most my work is done by my boyfriend, and its relatively inexpensive this way :), but I do want to get some other work from different artist. I already have 2 other artist in mind for different pieces and different styles.
  7. I personally have most my tattoos on my torso as well, this way i can keep them out of view if i need to, i think i would like to have a more even look across my body but at the same time, I like the fact that I can easily hide my tattoos .. I substitute teach and have had a variety of other jobs where tattoos in the work place are not acceptable, so its nice to play miss innocent no tattoos, then at night when i go to my second job and cocktail i am viewed as a whole different person. its funny when someone ive known for months at a job finds out im actually pretty heavily tattooed. they a
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  9. My next tattoo is scheduled this Sunday November 24, 2013 at Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor in Las Vegas, NV with Bob Simmons. He is going to tattoo a bugged out owl on my leg, its hard to explain, its funny as all hell imo. ill post a picture once it heals out, this will be my first addition since i started on my back piece over two years ago, so im pretty freaking excited!
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    Hi Rob!! This is Jamie from Lighthouse down the street... have been trying to post on this site for days and everything keeps getting flagged :( sooooo sad. - - - Updated - - - I take that back, they finally posted it. haha :)
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    Hi.. My name is Jamie and I am writing you from Las Vegas, NV , I am not a tattoo artist, but have quite a few tattoos. i cocktail at night and i help run a tattoo, medical, and art supply store by day. My boyfriend is an artist and does most my stuff, hes actually drawing up a burnt out student owl thing for me right now, im excited for it, its my graduation gift to myself, and a permanent reminder to never go back to college. lol Ill post some pictures after I get it done. I have one picture of my back posted up in the gallery of my back. Thats all i have to say for my intro .. thank
  12. Yea unfortunately there is nothing you can do besides staying out of the sun and sunscreen, there is not any product that can rejuvenate your tattoo, so do not buy a product that says it will, the only thing tattoo care products do is keep your skin looking nice and clear.
  13. This tattoo was done by Bob Simmons that works at Broken Dagger Tattoo Parlor in Las Vegas, NV. He started this piece when he was an apprentice!
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