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  1. I've actually put some thought into this. I'm 36 so it's really no one's business. But sometimes I like kind of shocking people. I plan on getting three tattoos before I reveal any of them. So the smallest will be on my shoulder and can be revealed by pulling my sleeve up. The other two will be across my back and rather large. So I'm going to wait until the family gets together for a holiday and is sitting down for dinner. My brothers, wives, kids, my mom, all that. I'll announce that I got a tattoo and ask if anyone would like to see it. So I'll kind of pull my sleeve up to reveal just a lit
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    Yeah, I knew it was standard for you guys. Just like I said, weird that I ran into two the same day on two different forums that were similar. Camaro 5 is welcoming of people from all over the world, but generally restricted to the US and Canada just because I guess.
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    Seriously, you're not on Camaro 5 are you? Just funny that suddenly I come across an Australian starting a thread with G'day over there and here on about the same day. Anyway, I'm a new guy here, so I'll kick back and listen to what others have to say.
  4. Josh, that's probably true, I was trying to lay low on some of my specific questions until I had time to research them on the forums and see what info is already out there. Now I absolutely appreciate the interest and conversation and any information that you and others may have to give, I just don't want to piss anyone off by going into things that are covered somewhere in a thread and I don't know it yet because I haven't read that much on the forum as of yet. Watched some videos, checked out a couple of threads. I've done a lot of research on shops in my area, which there aren't a lot, At
  5. Josh, yeah, I appreciate that. And I'm absolutely looking to find someone I can work with. The "best" in the world might be available, but if he or she isn't cool I don't want them working on me. So yeah, next time I'm in Atalanta I'll visit a couple of shops and just chat with some folks and see what's up.
  6. I agree with the no outlines statement. That's why I said I'm rethinking that tattoo. Definitely still want it. Just need to find the right artist to help me translate that vision into something that works. I spoke with one in Miami who indeed told me that was not a great idea. I have read the What Makes a Good Tattoo thread, about half of it so far. I'll finish that later. I plan on reading a whole bunch of threads when I have free time.
  7. Before I go into, I'm using the term greyscale for all black. Is there a more accurate term the community uses to describe that kind of work? Hmm. I'll tell you about them and perhaps you can tell me if they fall into a style. I've tried reading about different styles so that I could communicate with artists about the work and I've yet to find the right vocabulary. The first I thought I was a little set on and the more I look into it I'm changing my mind. I want a phoenix on my left shoulder, I'm a pretty big guy so there's room to work, I had kind of envisioned a pastel look with just oran
  8. Maybe not. But I was down there last January and enjoyed being there so much. Then through my research I found a website that listed it as the best tattoo city in the country. I'm not trying to start a fight with those words right there and offend people in other places, anyway. So there was that combination of things that told me I wanted to go there. I didn't limit my research to there. I have also researched shops in Atlanta because I travel there a lot. There are definitely shops there that have good reviews as well. Maybe I can find an okay artist closer, there is actually supposed to be
  9. Yes, that is inspiring and eye opening reinforcing for me that although I'm ready to move forward maybe other parts of the process are not lined up yet and I need to make sure it's done right, not necessarily done right now.
  10. I looked over a couple of posts and realized I could have gone a little more in depth. It's been my experience with forums so far to tread lightly until you get the feel for how people interact there. My actual name is Darrell. Yes, the Sausage King, no not really. I just have an affinity for 80's movies and sometimes reference them. I'm from Birmingham, Al, although I've been just down the road in Tuscaloosa for the last 3 years. I decided to go back to school and so I'll graduate from the University of Alabama College of Commerce and Business Administration in December 2014 at the ripe you
  11. Hello, I do not have a tattoo yet. I have been working on this one idea for a number of years, like 7 or more, and it has expanded into 3 tattoos I know I'm going to get. I have talked to shops and realized that I'm biting off more than I expected. I know how much they should cost probably, but these are probably multi session tattoos and I didn't realize that. I had originally hoped to go down to Miami Beach for like 7 to 10 days and hang out and get all three done. That's not going to happen. So I'm here to hang out, read some posts and try and pick up more information about tattoo artists,
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