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  1. I was at the NIX convention today. I went by your booth but you were not in today :( Sorry I missed you there, Oh well maybe next time.

  2. I really like your Gallery of tattoos you have posted. Very nice work!

  3. I was looking in your gallery and I loved your work. Just figured I should say so

  4. Hey Deb I was having issues with loading pics for my Gallery. turns out it was the size of my pics they were too big. I had no idea how to re-size them and save them at that size. After messing with it for a long time I had figured it out using preview on my older operating system but I think it would work just the same on a newer OS X version, if they haven't fixed that issue of difficulty on changing the pic size.

  5. I love being a part of this Forum. You use to skate too I take it? seeing as the plan B video was such an influence for you?

  6. Hello Shant Thanks for the complements on my tattoos. I have lots of ideas for the rest of my blank skin but one project at a time now.

  7. I was looking through the photos of peoples tattoos and you made a comment about people requesting lots of owl tattoos and you were running out of ideas, well I have a book at home called Owls of the world by James Duncan

    here's the link too it

    Amazon.com: Owls of the World: Their Live, Behaviour and Survival (9781552632147): James R. Duncan: Books

    I know it can be found cheaper then that but, The book has lots of details on all the owls of the world. May just give you some ideas.

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