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  1. I think my influence has started to rub off on my wife. When we met I had one tattoo and shortly after I had another. After that, there was a brief break in time, I got another, thats when she got her first. (a small one) Then a few years down the road I got 2 more in 2 weeks. Then a few years later I start my sleeve and she loved the look of the sleeve and wanted one too. So my sleeve is now complete and hers is about 2-3 sessions away from completion :) I know that she is thinking of getting more in the future. I have my next appointment coming up in 2 weeks LOL
  2. Thanks!! I am just going for my last appointment today. I only go for about 2 hours sessions ever 4 to 5 weeks apart so that I don't have a huge piece to heal while trying to work. Being in construction it can be a pain with a big area trying to heal. For me,small areas tend to be able to heal up fast and flawlessly.
  3. LOL I love the Gourd carving thats so awesome!!
  4. Another from Ontario! Welcome to LST!
  5. I think a lot of this also stems from new artists not having a proper apprenticeship. Where drawing is a huge part of it. I have a friend that is an apprentice and one day they were told by the end of the week (had the full week to do it plus all the other duties they had) to draw and complete 200 completely different Koi designs to be inspected upon completion. This sort of training makes the apprentice know how to draw an image or alter one that a client brings in so that they can make it their own and not a direct copy.
  6. I have an appointment booked for the 6th of Jan For 2012 I will have my sleeve completed (hopefully 2-3 more appointments) by Shawn at Ink studios. After its completed, I think I will take a small break from getting tattooed for a few months (5 or 6) so I can save up again for what I have been planning out to have done for my legs so its just a matter of hooking up with my artist of choice and get started! It is going to be tough to figure out which leg to start first. . .
  7. Hitting himself with a hammer LOL I have one from about a month ago. Not that serious more so a bruised ego and forehead. I was at work and I was tightening a control valve onto a heating radiant panel when my wrench slipped off the pipe and connected with my forehead making me see stars LOL
  8. 1.) Personal high of 2011? Finishing some over due projects around my house! 2.) Personal low of 2011? Having to sell our horses. 3.) Best LST Thread? Any thread that I cant stop reading from start to finish. The random picture thread is really funny on days that I need a laugh! 4.) Worst LST Thread? I dont think there are any but then I do not think I have read them all. 5.) Favourite tattoo (on you): Part of my sleeve is a Turtle that I think I like the best. I like all my tattoos. 6.) Favourite tattoo (on someone else): There are too many that I cant just pick one. I like too many different styles. 7.) Favourite artist? I dont think I can say for sure one over another to be my favourite, there are many great artists out there. 8.) Best/Worst movie: best: I liked part 2 to the deathly hallows. On a side note I just saw the trailer to "The Hobbit" and I cant wait for that to come to the movies. Just to be on the festive side National Lampoons Christmas Vacation has to be the best Christmas movie!! worst: Not sure. 9.) Best/Worst album: I have not had too much luck finding an album I am completely in love with just some songs from various artists and bands. 10.) Biggest guilty pleasure: Listening to Christmas music on iTunes radio for the last 2-3 months. LOL 11.) Best show/concert you did and did not attend: I have not been to a show or concert in a long time. 12.) Sum up the year in one word: Hopeful. 13.) Best television series I really love the X-files. Futurerama. Family guy.
  9. Hmm Stupid injuries eh?? As mentioned above about thinking that you would have heard more from the Skaters here. . . I, from Skateboarding had a few notable injuries, a chipped piece of bone in my ankle joint and along with that was some torn ligaments. Also, on another occasion, I split my knee wide open and cracked my knee cap what a fun one that was LOL. Before the blood started I could see my knee cap. . . oops. Snowboarding I have had a few. Two that stand out for me were, a concussion from a failed attempt at clearing a massive table top jump. missed the landing by about 3 feet. The other was a compacted and shifted tailbone with my hips severely out of alignment resulting in my legs going numb if I sat down for more than 5 min. A really funny one was when I was little. My brother and I were sledding on our driveway with those crazy carpets. I ran to jump on the sled but stepped on the end of it, it took me down and I hit the driveway chin first LOL. yup that needed a few stitches and a lot of hot chocolate to calm me down.
  10. I keep on getting more of my sleeve completed bit by bit about once a month. Longest period between tattoos was about 4 years. My last session was a week and a few days ago and I don't have another appointment till the first week in the New Year :) During the time I have been getting my sleeve done, I have been planning out what my next tattoos will be!
  11. Congratulations on the success
  12. HAHAHA I could not stop laughing at all the pics on that link. I don't think that trend has really hit full force here, and I hope that it stays that way lol. Then again I try to stay out of the downtown as much as possible. I like the serenity of the country.
  13. HAHA its about time!!! Welcome to LST!!
  14. When someone random comes to you and asks the question about the meaning behind a tattoo that you have can and may hit a bit of a nerve as it's none of their business. Asking about the artist who did the tattoo or commenting about the quality of it is a different thing all together. It seems like many people theses days have not been taught about common sense and how to be polite in public. LOL :P Of course none of this helps you with a response to the questions you are being asked. Try a few of these when people start to get a little. . . brash with you. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/funny-stuff/1119-zippy-comebacks.html
  15. Some day I wish I could plan and execute an amazing trip similar to yours!
  16. For most people that don't know the history of something their into, eventually become interested in its history or stop doing what they are doing.
  17. RockelMan


    I don't think of my self as a hipster at all. I also have an Owl tattoo because Owls are so interesting. I have a bunch of photos I have taken and have seen sightings that I wish I had my camera to take a photo. Welcome to the forum!
  18. I just had an hour and a half tattoo appointment as part of my sleeve that was for my inner bicep area. I figured that it was going to hurt like hell and that on the pain factor scale it was going to be high. I guess once the artist started, it turned out to be not as bad as I thought. still hurt but it was bearable. The lower part of the area was a bit swollen after but it was fine the morning after.
  19. I asked my one tattoo artist about doing just that, shaving a hairy body part prior to the appointment. They told me not to and that they would take care of it at the shop where they can keep everything sterile. It's not like they use expensive razors. The ones they use are sharp enough for one really good shave. If your embarrassed about your body hair in that area what are you going to do when your tattoo is all healed up and there is that nice covering of hair there again?
  20. Yes the lower stomach is a tad bit touchy but I would do it all over again LOL! Lower Stomach - Tattoo Gallery | Last Sparrow Tattoo I hope the link works LOL if not its the pic in my gallery. Oh and P.S. please dont mind the hair LOL
  21. Hello and welcome to the forum!! I used to live in Napanee 3 years ago for about 5 years. I had my starter home there. Nice little town.
  22. I remember long ago, I went to this job interview. After I was done I went for my first tattoo. I was called back by the employer to tell me I was going to be starting on monday and to come in to get my uniform. When they saw the tattoo I was told that I would have to wear a long sleeve t-shirt under my work shirt to cover it up. I did not care as it was written in their policies and the job helped pay the bills at that time. Another job I had was at a skateboarding store. They did not care about the employees having tattoos as most of the employees and management had tattoos. Now that I am past all these part time jobs and I am full on in my career, depending who I am working for at the time could be the difference of acceptance or not (I am in a construction trade). Usually at work, due to the manner of my job I could be burnt easily or be out in the sun all day, so I always wear a long sleeve work shirt to protect my tattoos that I spent my hard earned money on. If people ask about them I tell them, but for the most part it shocks a lot of people when they find out I have quite a few.
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