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    nt dat old nd exprienced to write abut myself !!!!
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    music and traveling
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  1. shant

    Birdman copy

    love it..... its amezing ............
  2. shant


    tanx all of u.......... dint expected this lot of comments.. as i m in my last yr of my art school, after its done looking forward to get into business of tattooing......thax HAWK ill shurely check that out...
  3. shant


    can any one tell me the best place to learn tats ?
  4. Thank you brother!

  5. like ur work ! its awsome

  6. shant

    Tales of ur tattoos!

    well shotsie, i have no tattoos on my body, nd m nt earning yet so, nt so good with fininance that i whould get a tattoo done BUT, if want a tattoo..... i whold like to have a "phonix with lots of money" cause i want to do lots of things in my life and to do those money is nessitey.
  7. shant

    Tales of ur tattoos!

    Tattoos though it beautifes our Body, somethimes there are stories behind it! our memories,our fantisies and belifes share some of ur tattoo stories !.................. regurds shant
  8. Hello Shant Thanks for the complements on my tattoos. I have lots of ideas for the rest of my blank skin but one project at a time now.

  9. hi liked ur tattoos

    have sended u a friend request pls do add me!

    see ya

  10. haha!! so u like hindu god ganesha eh.... i like the tea pot and a cup in his hand! nice to know gods r going internatiomal now a days!!hahahaha!!:)
  11. shant

    well u have a tatto on u n i dont have any!! thatz 1 odd!! :)

    dude r u an tattoo artist ?

    i m doing an project were i want few stories abut people and their tatoos,so if u have any can u send me?

    tahx for adding me, m new to this site n don know how it functions, n therez n indian so feel lil insecure ;)



  12. Iwar

    Thanks for adding me :)

    We both have white cats in our profile pictures. What are the odds? :)

  13. hey hi are u an tattoo artist

  14. shant

    full 1 copy

    full 1 copy
  15. shant

    full 2 copy

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