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    US Navy by day, Tattoo by night.

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  1. Seriously nothing but quality. the only machines i will touch now.
  2. Thank you brother!

  3. like ur work ! its awsome

  4. ok, you definitely have my attention, but the site has no way to upload photos or place orders? its really difficult for me to call from japan
  5. will do mrs. dari! he said twitter is ruining his life haha. @big, ill for sure look him up, thank you for the tip!
  6. hello Mrs. Dari! thank you for the kind welcome!

  7. im already loving it. the post about the swinggates was enough to make it worth it. @lochlan, hiro is in towada right now, about 15 minutes away. he said he needed to get away from tokyo for a while so he came up. think he is going to my shop tonight then out for some drinks.
  8. Hi guys. My name is Brian Harris. I am active duty by day and tattoo at Ink Addiction Tattoo Studio at night. My friend Tokyo Hiro sent me to the site, look forward to talking to you guys!
  9. Trailer Darling Geisha by Brian Harris
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    Zombie Wife

    Zombie Wife
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    American Psycho

    American Psycho
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    Heart Grenade

    Heart Grenade
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