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  1. The reason people go out of their way to ask an artist to design them a tattoo is specifically for their style.

    If someone particularly loves an artists style then they are better off buying a piece of art from that artist in whatever medium the artist specialises in.

    It's like commisioning an artist to do a watercolour painting, and then taking it to another artist and saying actually i'd like this as an oil painting. It makes no sense.

  2. I've stayed in the travelodge after tattoos, I didn't rewrap, don't like the idea of sleeping with clingfilm wrapped around my leg. Didn't have any problems, but I didn't get any leakage, no blood or ink or anything (benefit of dotwork I think). But then I wouldn't worry about ruining the travelodges sheets, if it was a nice place I might worry.

  3. Hand tattoos are my absolute favourites to look at, but it'll be a while before i'm ready for them.

    Someone I used to work with got his hand tattooed (with nothing on his arms), and as soon as they were healed realised it was a stupid decision for him and started having them lasered. He got offended when I laughed at his pain :p

  4. An artists personality is kind of important to me, if i'm gonna let someone permanently alter the way I look I gotta be able to trust them. So yeah a comment like that would definitely bother me.

    I've only been tattooed once so far, and it was brilliant experience in every way, the artist was lovely, one of the most pleasant people i've met in a long time, really put me at ease when I was very nervous, he even bought me lunch. I'll be getting more tattoos from him, and his personality (as well as his art) helped me make that decision. So surely it can only be benificial to an artist to try and make their customers comfortable.

  5. Hi, i've posted a few times before under a different account, but felt a bit wierd using my full name and didn't properly introduce myself, so i'm starting again :)

    My name is Nikki, i'm from Shropshire, England, and i'm pretty new to tattoos really.

    I always vaguely liked tattoos, and thought I might get a couple of small ones, but growing up almost all the tattoos I saw on people were very mediocre, or just plain bad, and I didn't really realise how great they could be. It wasn't until about a year ago that I saw an article in a magazine featuring Jose Lopez and it sort of opened my eyes to what could actually be done with tattoos, I told myself I wouldn't get a tattoo unless I could get a great one, but I also kinda thought that someone like me would never be able to get a tattoo like that. So about six months later I found myself really wanting a tattoo, and I decided to actually do some research, and I actually found that there are a lot more great artists around and accessible than I expected, and a much greater variety of styles than I had imagined. So I spent a few months researching and learning about tattoos. I've always had a habit of collecting images I find interesting, so reference material was easy.

    Finally, about a month ago, I got my first tattoo, a dotwork realism petrified bird, by Dotwork Damian of Blue Dragon, Brighton (I have already posted it elsewhere on this site)

    I think my friends and family are a bit surprised that I went for something quite unusual, and fairly large, for my first tattoo, but it's very me, I'm really happy with it, and it feels like it should always have been there.

    I'm pretty sure now that I am going to end up heavily tattood (probably with quite a mix of styles because i've realised I love them all, when done well), it's very exciting, and I plan to enjoy every moment of it (even the painful bits).

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