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  1. I don't drink at all anymore; I find it dulls my contempt and snarkiness. And I want to be in proper form next time I hug your boobs. But yeah. Your butt knows my number. Message me if ya'all are close!

  2. Certain boobs always make me feel better, and Mamma I could use a hug. <3 <3

  3. I just realized you tattooed my brother, Deb.

    Lil Kanji, over 20 years ago.

  4. I'm hoping for stress free, too!

    Other than my best man, all my groomsmen are groomsladies, so I've got one that wants to wear a suit and two that want to wear dresses. The stress has begun!

  5. I was going to get a foie tattoo in Quebec City, but the artist my friend recommended was out fishing. Gotta appreciate the balance of that.

  6. Haha. That's the best I could come up with.

  7. "this tattoo is on my leg. i own think ink tattoo gallery in norman, oklahoma. david bruehl, my friend, and coworker did this tattoo on me.the tiger is kenny rogers the down syndrome tiger. the icecream cone comes from a game he and his son played, where they change words around for fun. the result? INDIANA JONES : ICREAMDIANA CONES"

    According to Tattoo Snob.com

  8. What if I'm lazier than the people too lazy to do it? :D

  9. John worked at Cindy's in Daytona, then Annette's in Ybor City. He moved to London for a bit and worked at Into You for a short time, back to the states and back to London. Crazy. I was in London in 2005 and someone handed me a flyer with John's art on it. I went to the shop and they put me in touch with him (he lived across the street!) and we had a great afternoon talking about the salad days.

    He was one of the best illustrators I ever met; if you go back and look at Wilson's first flash set, a few of the designs on it were drawings of John's that Mike (with permission) used.

    I don't know the name Bryan Bird offhand; but then again my memory is crap!

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