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  1. Roman tattooing snoops kid using his Kustom armrest
  2. Made for early funk at trinity tattoo
  3. Made for Jordan at envision tattoo
  4. Here are some pictures of my work... Pinstripes laid down by Adam Sanchez. Made in America with America materials guaranteed for life
  5. I build Kustom tattoo armrests and tattoo workstations , 3 styles available rotor, tripod and a all aluminum travel model. All products are made in America using America materials and guaranteed for life... Instagram @therealcaliirons or give me a call at 951 533 4184
  6. Jimbo's cali irons 951 533 4184 hit me up for info and prices. You can also c check me out on instagram @therealcaliirons
  7. There's a art show at evangel tattoo in so cal December 5th
  8. Looking forward to being able too post pics... So you can see I am more than typing...
  9. I have seen this with a witch hazel reaction, I would take the antibiotics and put aquaphor or a fragrant free lotion ...
  10. Hello...I have been in the tattoo biz for18 years, started piercing and eventually tattooed a few lucky friends . I build Kustom cars which lead me to building shop equipment, I have been making Kustom armrest since 2003 they are guaranteed for life ... Made in America
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