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Blue Arms Tattoo 1 reviews

  • Fredensborgveien 24, 0177 Oslo, Norway, Norway
  • +4793612439
  • 12:00 - 17:00
  • Morten Transeth, Tony Nilsson, Nicholas Henriksen, Christoffer Wøien, Hans Heggum


    • Henrik Ulstein
    • September 14, 2016

    Blue arms is one of the best shops i Norway. I’ve been tattooed by everyone except Christoffer, and everyone is super friendly and super helpful. A beautiful shop, with a wonderful atmosphere and amazingly talented artists. They have a lot of great artists coming through doing guest spots, and you feel as welcome there if you’re getting your first tattoo, as when you’ve been there a dozen times.

    All in all, great shop, great artist, and a great experience.

    Tattoo Artist Name: An eagle by Tony Nilsson

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