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FTW Tattoo Parlor 1 reviews

  • 6536 Telegraph Ave B101, Oakland, CA 94609 , California
  • 510.595.0389
  • 12pm to 7pm every day
  • Jason Phillips, Sean Perkinson, Adrian Sanchez, Ellie Geyer, Jay Watkins, Alex Matus


    • cltattooing
    • June 8, 2013

    FTW rules!! These folks are not only dedicated artists, with original flash covering every wall from floor to ceiling, but they are dedicated craftsmen as well. Every time I go in there everyone is painting, tattooing, fiddling with their machines, and joking around with each other. To boot, everyone there is really gracious and supportive toward each other and their customers. This isn’t a shop where you’ll find any ego stroking or drama between the employees, just great tattoos, great people, and a great experience. I live down the street, and got a wild hair in my pants to get a tattoo, so I stopped in. I asked for a chicken of some sort, and Alex was right there with this awesome little rooster. I couldn’t speak highly enough of this shop, go check em out!

    Tattoo Artist Name: Alex Matus

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