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Great Lakes Tattoo 3 reviews

  • 1148 W Grand Ave., Chicago, IL, 60642, Illinois
  • 312-870-0458
  • Sun-Thu 12-8 Fri-Sat 12-10
  • Nick Colella, Mario Desa, Erik Gillespie, Mike Dalton, Beatdown, Frank William


    • theZoo
    • December 9, 2013

    This is probably the nicest shop i’ve ever been in, they have tons of original flash on the walls and a great collection of historical pieces as well. i drove all the way from Boston and was more than happy with how the trip turned out.

    Tattoo Artist Name: Frank William

    • Pixie
    • December 17, 2013

    I’ve gotten two pieces done at this shop and could not be happier. The shop, itself, is absolutely gorgeous. The people couldn’t be nicer if they tried. But the work? Outstanding! I’m so lucky to live in Chicago and so glad I’ve found my permanent shop in which to get all my future work done.

    Tattoo Artist Name: Mike Dalton and Nick Colella

    • Mike S.
    • July 29, 2014

    I’ve been tattooed by almost the whole crew at GLT both at this location and when they were at their previous shop. This is by far one of the nicest tattoo shops in the country. Nick is a great guy and has put together an amazing place and surrounded himself with some amazing artists. In my opinion the best part about GLT is how it respectfully pays tribute to the rich history of tattooing both in Chicago and the rest of the country. The staff is friendly, and I’ve never seen a poorly executed tattoo come from any of these guys. The work is incredible! I drive down from Northern Wisconsin to come here. I spend three and a half hours in the car to get here and every second is well worth it. Do yourself a favor and get tattooed here.

    Tattoo Artist Name: Mario Desa

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