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    • take a breath and relax, it will pass, and start  planning your next tattoo.
    • Hey there everyone, I have the same feeling and I don't know what to do. I love the design and how it looks on my body, but sometimes I get this anxiety and the permanency of tattoo makes it only worse. You can't really take it off haha. But what's weird is that it's been let's say a month and a half now. At first, I loved it and it felt like a dream came true, everyone was complementing my tattoo, I was embracing it, etc. But then I started to notice like different things about my tattoo that I guess I would do differently. It's also my first one, forearm piece and quite big (at least for me). Since then I have mixed feelings that sometimes just give me anxiety that I can't cope with. It gets to the point where I can't think about anything else, and Google tattoo removals, but then there are days where I want more tattoos. But it scares me because what if I will never learn how to love them all. And the thought of it being on my body for my whole life scares me lol.
    • That doesn't particularly look like those spots relate to where white highlight ink would have been placed, at least from this vantage point here . . . 
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