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Evening all!!


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Hi everybody, my name is AJ. I'm an almost 32 year old married father of one. My wife's name is Sheena, my son's name is Dominic. We live in a suburb of Rochester, NY - Greece. Yes, the same town that just gained national notoriety for a YouTube video that went viral of some moron kids bringing a school bus monitor to tears.

Back to it though - I also have a dog, a boxer named Lucy, she's about three and a half. I work for JPMorgan Chase Bank processing applications for a federally sponsored mortgage modification program. I've got both ears pierced, basic hoops, no stretching. I've got two tattoo's. The first one I got on my 29th birthday. It's a cartoon bulldog wearing a chain around its neck with the interlocking NY Yankee symbol hanging off of it like a charm. I love bulldogs, I love the Yankees, I brought them together. My second piece is a commemoration piece for my first child.

I mainly dig hanging out with my family. I also enjoy watching the Yankees, and listening to one of my other obsessions, the DMB (new album - Away From The World - out September 11th!!!!!!!!!).

If anybody has any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll talk about most everything.


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