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My name is Justin and I'm currently an apprentice at Lost Soul Tattoo in New London CT. I work under some of the best artist this area has to offer (IMO). But anyways I'm excited to join this forum especially after seeing al of the picture post from this forum. I hope to find inspiration and help as well as sharing experience with others here.

I am currently active duty Navy stationed in Groton CT. There I teach advanced Navigation and electronics to seasoned sailors. When I'm not at work or on duty I sepnd almost every minute in the shop drawing, cleaning and taking part of general bafoonery from the front porch of the shop.

I am really excited to start tattooing but I have a bit more to learn. My practice skins however are much better than I thought they would be, so that's that.


Oh and the shops website is Lost Soul Tattoo of New London, CT So you may see who I work under. The website hasn't been updated in ages but you get the idea.

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