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Hey there to everyone in LST world. My name is Brandon and I tattoo on the Central Coast of California. I have been tattooing for 6 and a half years now. I work mostly in color, have done a few black and grey pieces, but most of my clients dont want black and grey. I would however love to do more black and grey work.

I have been in and around the industry since I was about 15. Got my first tattoo when i was 18 and that is when i decided I wanted to be a tattooer. Not only did I start drawing more than had been, but I also took up learning the history and learning all I could about the world of tattooing. For me tattooing is not just something that is cool or to be different. Tattoos and Tattooing is my way of life. I am learning new things everytime i tattoo and realizing what works and what doesnt work.

I have always drawn and colored with colored pencils. A few years ago I started to play around with acrylic painting. I am still learning how to blend colors and such. And just recently I picked up water coloring. I love the look of flash done with water color so I decided thats what my next project was going to be.

Currently I am not in a shop, I had some unexpected bills arise and had to take a step back and get a fulltime job. But while I get things paid off I stay in practice and continue to learn. Im also working on opening my own tattoo shop which will then be named Old Rose Tattoo.

Thank you all for coming to check out my post, and I plan on posting more pictures on my profile. For now there are only 3 to look at.

I look forward to meeting new artists and enthusiasts alike. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments or just to chat! I would love to talk to you all and learn form all the amazing artists here on LST!

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    • I'd still call your doctor and ask their opinion.  I'm betting that they might advise against it, you know docs and liability.  But, if I were in the same position, really wanted it and was in good health, I'd probably go ahead and do it. My wife's an RN and I just asked her.  She said that she wouldn't think it would be a problem as long as you keep any appendectomy incision bandaged and clean your tattoo as recommended.
    • Hey everyone, I just had a laparoscopic appendectomy 8 days ago. Everything went well. There were no complications. Normally I wouldn't consider getting tattooed for awhile due to possible immune system problems. The thing is, one of my favorite artists is in town next weekend. He moved from Mass to Brooklyn and if I don't go see him next week I may have to wait a year or so before he's around again. I just want to get a small piece of Dan Higgs flash on my arm nowhere near the site of the surgery. Do you guys think this would be ok or am I putting myself in danger? I know people are going to say "ask your doctor" but I'd like the advice of people who actually have and know about tattoos. Thanks in advance. 
    • Hey @Decay You have a lovely new tattoo.  Tattooing isn't science, it's art and you can't set a clock by how long a tattoo will take. Your artist, who I assume you trust to tattoo you, will always give you a best guess. It may take longer; it may take less time.   You do realize how much goes into tattooing, right? Your artist has to come up with a design, a piece of art, from whatever concept you have in your head and translates that into a tattoo on your skin. There's design, drawing, and setup among other things that happen way before the needles hit your skin. If you feel like you are being ripped off over what you think is 30 minutes, you need to think long and hard if tattooing is for you. Enjoy the ride! Let go a little and you will have a better experience.  I have never seen a menu of prices and that concept will not serve you well on your tattoo journey. Where do you live where you haggle over everything? And I really hope that you tipped your artist. 
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