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There I was in Budapest February 2010 cold as all hell having taken 14 days off from my fun fun job contracting in Iraq. I met my sweet NJ flight attendant in Budapest and we fucked like rabbits for a few days, drank like fish too. Before she was due to leave (she only had 5 days of vacation time) I was getting tattoo fever pretty bad. I had researched what I wanted (Einstein) and was pretty confident of which portrait of Einstein I wanted. I did some research about tattoo studios in Budapest and the only one that made any sense was Celtic Moon. They're in the heart of Budapest tourist country but very well reviewed. I went for a visit and the studio was very clean, open, and colorful. My tattoo artist didn't really speak any English but I showed him what I wanted. Unlike US studio's Celtic Moon didnt really have a privacy rule so I had this dude looking at me from 3 feet away sizing up my new tattoo. He has this large piece on his left arm that was of a Native American dreamcatcher, and one his right arm was a Native American war chief. All pretty cool considering he was Hungarian lol. After my artist was done I was very happy and a little sore from the work.

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