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My name is Orlando Ferron

Ive been making tattoos for the last 10 years and like most of us fell in love with it when i saw my uncles tattoos from his time in the navy. After working for some of the best local artist in my area and with good support from my community and family i opened up a shop of my own in 2010 in beautiful Monterey CA called Iron Crown Tattoo for the last 3 years and its been the most amazing experience that i could have ever asked for. Im glad i waited till it was the right time to do so. Im just a simple family man trying to do great things to supply for his family and ones self, I wanted to extend a hand of friendship to the tattoo community and meet more like minded individuals that love the same things that make this the greatest profession in the world. I love to paint, tattoo, draw. I would also love to start putting machines together for personal well roundedness and knowledge but not really to be a "Machine builder" or be the next great thing. Theres tons of things i would love to learn and help myself be a better tattooer and I would like to learn more than i did yesterday.

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Nice to see another family man in the trade... I was constantly worried about becoming an artist as people constantly tell you that you will lose your wife and kids due to the demands. I am only in my apprenticeship, however my wife and kids support my decision. I feel life is to short and corporate america sucks.... been there done that....

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