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Another MD native


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I go by Maddcat on these interwebs. I'm from the Baltimore area in MD. I'm in the USAF I didn't get any tattoos till I joined and had been in for about a year. None of mine are (officially) related to being in the Air Force though I just had more friends with them to talk about tattoos with.

I currently have 2 quarter sleeves on my right and left outer arms and a tattoo on the inside of my left arm.

Left arm: I have a raven on a tree with a moon in the background and bunch of other ravens in the distance. Silhouette style (mostly because I originally had a black raven all by itself sitting on tree branches and I wanted to make it seem less random). My left arm is currently my ode to home as Ravens are a symbolism of Baltimore for more than just the team (thanks to Mr. Poe) and they are also mystic creatures. On the inside of my left arm I have "bmore" the short hand for Baltimore in a font I liked.

[EDIT] Left wrist: I also have the quote "latest I can be is on time" on my left wrist. Its a quasi-quote (his says "Latest I could be was on time, I changed the ten) from a Big KRIT song called "Rise & Shine". Its my personal reminder to always strive to be timely. Its placed in a way that it can be easily covered with a watch, which I am almost always wearing.

Right arm: I have the National Aquarium of Baltimore with waves and such around it. I wanted a more active piece for my right arm to balance with the tranquil seen of the ravens on my left. Since its an aquarium I believe over time I'm going to add some aquatic animals and such to it. Turn it into a half sleeve or 3/4th sleeve.

That's all I have for you all off the top of my head. Feel free to comment or ask away.


Both pictures I have are from RIGHT after I got them. I should take some healed pictures later.

NAi_B.jpg -- National Aquarium (done at Still Slanging Ink in San Antonio by Chris Loco [at least I'm pretty sure that's what he goes by. I'd have to recheck their facebook page]) As I said above I'm thinking of adding some aquatic life to this one to go with the aquarium bit. Water is my element. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a Seagull added to the pillar in front of the Aquarium. Those things (and pigeons) are everywhere!

Ravens.png -- This one originally just had the more prominent Raven sitting on a branch. 1st tattoo, got it spur of the moment because I was thinking about it for a while. Didn't go in with any source images or anything. Basically a lot of things you shouldn't do when getting a tattoo. Went to another shop (also done at Still Slanging Ink in San Antonio but by an artist whose name I can't remember) and they were able to come up with something to revive the piece.

NOTE: How do I adjust image sizes? I'm familiar with HTML but haven't used the coding forums use in a while and cant remember how to adjust the sizes. I had to reupload a smaller image because I couldn't figure out how to adjust one of them.

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