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Hello from Europe.


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Hey everyone,

I'm Chris, 24, from The Netherlands.

I have not got any new ink for the last 2,5 years! And It's starting to itch a little once again! :D

First off, I got my first tattoo when I was 21. Not long after that I got my second tattoo in Australia. It's been put on by Scotty from Wild At Heart Tattoos located in Brisbane. Great shop!

Here is a pic of my Capricorn tat made in Australia:


Here is one from a bit more range, so you can see how much space I got left.


And here is the second one I have on my back:


Now, I am really cracking my skull on what to get on my side. As you can see, the Capricorn takes up some fair space.

I joined this community too find out what I could possibly more I could get on my side. Get some ideas... maybe even some designs! I'd really like too hear from your feedback!

Kind regards,


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