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I've been lurking around for a while now, and I have no idea why I had not introduced myself!

I'm currently a university student in Calgary, Alberta and have 6 tattoos: a rather large tribal piece on my right shoulder/arm, kanji on my left shoulder, a pegasus on my left outer upper arm, praying hands on my left inner upper arm, kanji on my right pec, and a back piece in progress. Unfortunately I received all except my back and pegasus before my 16th birthday and they all need to be lasered (young and dumb lol). Pegasus is going to be covered at some point, but I would love to finish my back piece if I ever find the artist again.

It has definitely been interesting lurking here, but I am looking forwards to participating in discussions!

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I really want to do a bio-mechanical sleeve on that arm. When I was first introduced to tattooing I was really big into black and grey type work, I just didn't think colour would work very well on my skin. However once I saw how nicely my skin takes colour I really started getting interested in getting more colourful work.

Other then that I'm actually not too sure what kind of tattoos I would like to collect. I have a fairly open mind, but until I get rid of some of my bigger/bolder mistakes I'm going to refrain from making too many plans.

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