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Beppe Strambini Tattoo Artist Interview Video

There are many people in this business that have no business being in it. Beppe on the other hand is the kind of tattooer that makes people want to become one. Not only is he extremely talented and very kind but he has a very welcoming personality. He owns a shop in Verona, Italy called Ink Addiction and is located in the most fantastic place.. Verona being the home of Romeo and Juliet it has an incredible charm. The shop is like no other tattoo shop in style and quality.

Beppe and I have become great friends over the years. I have been to Verona and Love the place. If there is ever an opportunity to be in Italy, I would suggest with great zeal to not miss out and get tattooed at Ink Addiction. Everything from the town to the food to tattoo shop is a pleasure and full of memories.

This interview was done at the Stockholm Ink Bash in Sweden at the end of August last year. I hope this will inspire a trip to Europe or at least to your local tattoo convention that will be hosting Beppe. I would like to thank Beppe for sitting down with me and doing this interview. It was great pleasure and a great honor. Thank you.

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He does solid work.It would be cool if you could get an interview with Eddy Deutsche,and Mike Wilson.I think the tattooers that have been at it for a long time have some good stories to tell.

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@Joe Shit, we did have Cody Miller interview Mike Wilson for us once when he went to Florida, but it was only 10 minutes long, and Mike was half hidden behind a laptop for half of it. Definintely not what we want to put out there, but Scott will interview him next time he sees him, K?
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Great interview guys. I really enjoyed hearing Beppe talking about being a creative person and enjoying what you're doing, even by yourself. That's the mark of a true artist.

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Also, when he imitates the way Mike Wilson hold a tattoo machine, fucking priceless. I laughed pretty hard.

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