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Todd Noble Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Todd and i have been friends for quite a while. we have been to many conventions at the same time and spent plenty of time together. a trip to Sweden together is what it took for me to get to know him well. we spent a week at Drew Horner's place. then off to the Stockholm convention. many laughs and many hours of talking. i found a new respect for him by the end of this. to be honest before this i just thought he was another loud party tattooer. i was glad to find out what a loving father and passionate tattooer he is. i am always happy to find a great person lying in the ash of the burned out mediocre masses. Todd's drive and ability has set him apart from many tattooers.

We did this interview in the back of black heart tattoo when Todd was visiting i would like to thank him for taking the time do this. i would also like to thank you for taking the time to read this and watch this interview.

You can find Todd here:
[email protected]
@noble1 (instagram)

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Another great one Scott! Met him briefly at the London convention last year. Really nice dude. Thanks for this!!

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Such a rad interview! What I really love about all of these is the camaraderie between Scott and the interviewee. I always find myself laughing with every interview, and this was no exception. The story about the guy getting shot, bit, and broken, man... had me in tears. So good, thanks heaps!!

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Great interview, Todd has done some killer stuff and what a great guy! I like that he touches on skate/surf culture and how everything is intertwined with tattooing. Ill definitely keep an eye out if he does the London convention again.


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