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    I am a computer engineering student at the University of Texas at San Antonio
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    San Antonio, Texas
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    Robotics, Photography, Powerlifting
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    Unmanned Systems Researcher
  1. This sounds badass! Do you know of anyone with something similar to this?
  2. Is there a way to combine the eagle and owl into one tattoo? I would want that in order to symbolize the knowledge is power quote I like
  3. I want to continue with my arm. I feel like my tattoo looks funny all alone
  4. Hey everyone! I am looking to get a second tattoo. First of all I am not sure where I should put my next tattoo. I was thinking inner bicep. My first tattoo is on my deltoid. I have two main ideas in mind. My first is getting a tattoo of the words "knowledge is power" in binary similar to this tattoo. Also I was thinking of somehow combining an owl which is a symbol of knowledge with an eagle with is the symbol for power. What do you think of these ideas?
  5. Or this 01000100011010010110010000100000011101110110010100100000011010100111010101110011011101000010000001100010011001010110001101101111011011010110010100100000011000100110010101110011011101000010000001100110011100100110100101100101011011100110010001110011 Which is "did we just become best friends" for those of you who cannot do binary to ascii
  6. It would be awesome to get knowledge is power in ascii.
  7. As I computer engineer, binary is something I work with everyday. I would like to see where this goes. I was thinking of getting something like this also, but I agree with everyone else in the sense that it needs to be incorporated into a larger piece
  8. Welcome looking forward to see your tattoos
  9. I also forgot to mention that I am Mic Mac Indian so something along those lines would work
  10. I love new school styles of tattoos along with realism. I know these are opposites but I love them both. My current tattoo is a cross with a purple ribbon and a tribal butterfly on the top right corner of the cross. This is located on my right delt.
  11. My tattoo is black and grey mixed with purple and it looks good. So I would say go for it.
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