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    Philadelphia based tattooer and machine builder. Full time since 1997.
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    Philadelphia PA
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    Changer of Skin, Opener of Minds.
  1. Machines are COMPLETELY HANDMADE one at a time. All frames are hand cut from my design or yours. All hardware is made to match each machine, right down to treading the contact screw. Hand wound coils are made to fit each frame, All coil wire and the capacitor will fit neat. No extra wires to get in the way. All Machines are 100% guaranteed for life, Unless they are modified by someone else. If you want a machine built to suit you, I'm you guy. Any reasonable request can be made....but I don't do Bio-Mec carving, Aaron Cain did it first, Does it the best, so get that stuff from him. But anything else.... Like - Custom frames designed from your drawing. - Reproduction of an antique design. - Custom coils... built on coin, fiber, plastic or linen washers. - Any tube vice you can think of. - 1.25 or 1 inch coils. - Right or Left handed. - Powder Coated or Oil Blackened Finish. - Clip-Cord, RCA, or 1/8th Electric connections. SOLD ONLY TO PROFESSIONAL TATTOOERS... WITH PROOF. Machines start at $350us for standard styles. Email me at....