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    Arts teacher, airbrush artist, painter
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    Alice Cooper, hardrock, painting, leather
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    Professional painter
  1. different techniques

    its interesting to use different techniques....
  2. the power of color

    i usually work on drawings but too on paintings and airbrush works in color on leathers
  3. Post awesome things you have been doing recently

    my last one, for an arm tattoo Its a drawing measuring 30 cm high - - - Updated - - - i draw about any theme, i did this one few years ago
  4. a drawing for an arm tattoo

    See my last drawing for a customer's arm:
  5. special story of my 1rst tattoo

    hi there i live in France, and i had my 1rst tattoo at 56, a sentence Alice Cooper said to me after having worn my red leather vest on stage (then he did at 52 other shows!), i am a professional painter and i paint and draw on leathers or for tattoos! * "It is part of the tour now" Alice Cooper * its on my right hand, the one that paint Home
  6. Multisides artist

    i am a professional painter, airbrush artist and drawer; on leather or for tattoos. Home
  7. Special arts

    I am painter and drawer for leather or tattoos
  8. Special arts

    I am painter and drawer for leather or tattoos