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    LOOKING FOR GUEST SPOTS :) Tattoo Artist - Singapore, Slovakia www.mudohori.com www.facebook.com/mudohori www.instagram.com/mudohori
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    tattoo artist

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  1. like everyone else said, cover it if you want to. not because your chick told you to. it may look lame, but if it has sentimental value., keep it. or rework it. its well place in there. i wouldnt have noticed it.
  2. Hello, i hope i dont come off as too brutally honest that it may seem offensive, but the only way you can do that, (something which i practise) is to instead of turning them away, offer to draw something up for them. and the only way they will like it is that if its better then the original. take the time to listen to what they want. offer solutions. its not an easy road, i do 99% custom work. i spend too much time drawing. at least 16 hours per design.
  3. HELLO EVERYONE! Im new here. finally decided to join this forum Im Samuel (i messed up my profile name) im from singapore, tattooer doing mostly illustrative comic styled Japanese. not really sure what the category is. have a look though. looking for guest spots in the USA or Europe, leave me comments where you think i can improve on. i love constructive criticism. thats how we learn right? anyways. here also here is more stuff: www.instagram.com/mudohori
  4. Mudohori www.instagram.com/mudohori
  5. Mudohori www.instagram.com/mudohori
  6. Mudohori www.instagram.com/mudohori
  7. Mudohori www.instagram.com/mudohori
  8. Mudohori www.instagram.com/mudohori
  9. Leumas Ray


    Hello everyone, Im a Tattoo artist from singapore, came across this website by accident. :) so yeah just wana say hello everyone!
  10. (pics arent loading). but it coul be due to your diet ( drinking the heavily the night before, medication, and could also be where it is located. personal experience chest tattoos tend to bleed more.
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