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  1. Reason why I don't post or go on here as much, trolls all over this place.
  2. I know stars or nautical ones on the knee are Russian prison inspired, I'd personally stay away from that. Webs are ok, and give the nice round design to fill it in. Any type of animal head works.
  3. I haven't been on in a while, but this is an awesome trip, awesome tattoos and pictures.
  4. Very biased article, I don't worry about it, only the people who believe it I do worry about...
  5. These look more for web and print ready designs than tattoos. Ewwwwwwww
  6. I waited about 10 mins for ointment to dry a little, and then I applied it right away after. You keep it on until it's no longer hot.
  7. Get a paper towel, or a cloth from the hot water dispenser and soak it. Apply immediately after opening you're towel or cloth and keep it on and make a face, cause it's going to hurt. The hot water is suppose to suck down the swelling and pull out the red like witch hazel. I've noticed I heal real faster and better doing this.
  8. I put a super hot towel on it right when we finished, no swelling !
  9. Ended up getting the shading and lining done last night, had to the push the appt back a day later. I can send a PM to anyone interested in seeing it.
  10. Alright dudes, doing a devil head, I'll post pics...appt is set for the 31st of this month :)
  11. good skull by wes carter...and fb comment here is another one by bert krak (bob roberts spider above it) and el monga from spain
  12. damn that shige piece is so good, and attractive.......lolz
  13. I don't know if I could do the cat head deal, really love those designs though :)
  14. lolol I heard they evacuated the pentagon, wtf is that.
  15. Going to get my knee done, what do you guys suggest?
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