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    tattooing since 91'. dont care for hipsters or 'sensitive tattoo artists'. cable tv and sellouts are ruining this industry.most of my pictures are from a cell phone , im not a photographer,lol. you can follow me or see more work on tumblr patodonnelltattoo or @patodonnelltattoo on instagram
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    so. cal
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    i have a few
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    Tattoo Artist

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  1. ok, i still have a few copies from the last run of my first 2 sketchbooks, 'pirated, passe, and politically incorrect' vol 1 and 2. if i remember correct they are 45 or 50 pages of clean line drawings. mostly neo-traditional hipster shit and original style traditional stuff. the new book is at the printer right now. 'street and state vacation' its just what it sounds like, old school prison and lowrider/teen angel stuff sorta like the style i came up on way back in the day but drawn a little bit better... same deal, all images are clean line drawings, not loose sketches. this book should be somewhere around 80-90 pages and is crammed full of cool stuff. first 2 books are $20 a piece plus the ride, new big ass book is $30 plus the ride. if you like shoot me an email and ill be happy to send you a few pages as a sample. patodonnelltattoo@yahoo.com or shoot me a text at (714)588-7394
  2. small section of first sitting on snake eagle skull leg piece
  3. i did this almost 18 years ago... wish i could find the pic of the other side where the damn head was
  4. hipster seans throat new tattoo
  5. so there are 2 new sketch books i just put together. pirated, passe, and politically incorrect vol 1 and vol2. vol1 is 55+ pages of clean line drawings so cool midget hookers will give you half price, its $45 plus shipping. vol2 is 39 pages of likewise cool stuff that will make you cash and probably help you get laid, its $35 plus shipping. they are available thru tam and kingpin or you can get em direct and save us both a couple bucks and get em' a lot faster. they will also be for sale at nyc convention and north az convention. accept paypal and postal money order. you can contact me directly at patodonnelltattoo@yahoo.com or facebook
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