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    22 yrs old, my favorite styles of tatooing are American Traditonal and Trash Polka.. a few of my favorite artists are Xoil, David Bruehl, Freddy Corbin, Troy Denning and Derek Noble
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    Polk County, Fl
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    Tattooing, punk rock, graffiti, fishin, mud slingin, call of duty
  1. thats badass..but how much did you pay for just the eagle vs. how much you payed for it is now.. just guessing that that was a factor in a reason it looks alot better now than it did before, either way it looks badass now
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA made my day bro hahah - - - Updated - - -
  3. Im watchin the Orange Bowl right now, FSU is playing NIU.. Who yall pullin for?
  4. Thanks buddy, man for the past 3 months all ive been doing when i havnt been tattooing at the shop is looking at, drawing, and studying the old school flash.. im trying to get the basics of drawing trad. down without overly "copying" other artists flash... i saw something somebody posted about if you look at an object and get the anatomy of it correct than you can then apply what you know and it should turn out halfway decent haha
  5. Hey guys sorry if theres already a thread bout this, i couldnt find it if there was but feel free to let me know where it is and ill delete this post, but i have really got into American Traditional style and was wondering if anybody has any good pointers about drawing things in a traditional style.. for example, anybody can look at a horse head or a rose outside, but what are some key points in making things look more traditional?.. I dont want to have to keep looking at other artists flash, i want to be able to look at something at know what key points i could use that would help me gi
  6. durtyxsanchezz


    what happens when bordom strikes..i grab a sharpie and draw then tattoo haha. still needs 1 more session
  7. (Healing in this pic) my 2nd time doing black/grey
  8. (Healing) The only pic I have of this is when it was healing but it was my 1st time doing a blk/grey piece
  9. head, throat, ribs, dick, nutt sack, upper theigh, back of the arms ,...it all hurt!!
  10. no problem man, i was just bustin yalls balls about it haha thanks tho bro!
  11. hahah thanks guys yea man ive been getting alot of laughs on here thats forsure! theres some wild posts on here haha thanks for the welcoming !
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